Glasscrafter, Bolkhyn

Glass is a marvel all its own, melted, molded, shaped and carved. Endlessly versatile, yet deeply unforgiving.   Coarse or polished, it is all magical to me.
— Bolkhyn Guild Crafter
  Glasscrafter is a renowned profession in the region of Bolkan, especially in Kamigon, where the glasscrafters' guild dominates the trades.

King of the Trades

The art of glasscraft is one widespread and adored throughout much of the world, but no region has made their identity of it in the way Bolkan has. Pride of the Bolkhyn people, to be a master of glasscraft is to be a lord among the people, with the influence to match.

Kamini Elite

The city of Kamigon is the pioneer in architectural glasscraft, utilizing the material in the ornamentation and construction of large-scale structures. The Blackglass Consortium, so named for the volcanic glass plentiful in their region and well-loved among their crafters, holds their glasscrafters' guild to the highest regard; even its lower-ranking members hold sway in society that rivals high-ranking members of other established guilds within the city.
Among the most recognized glasscrafters is Akara Gon'sa. Now leader of the Blackglass Consortium, she began her career as a glasscrafter and assumed the title of High Grandmaster of the Glasscrafters' Guild before laying down the mantle to take up leadership over the collective.

The Magic Touch

To be a guild glasscrafter in Kamigon requires immense skill, far beyond what even many professionals can muster. Often, those with the ability to manipulate heat and form through magical means have an upper-hand, though reliance on these abilities is largely looked down upon at the highest levels of the guild hierarchy. The residue of magical manipulation has been known to be a detriment to the qualities sought after in volcanic glass, particularly for those who seek to purchase glasscrafted objects for their own magical uses.   There are those who make a profession out of identifying magically manipulated glass, and differentiating between latent magical properties and those infused by an outside source. It is rare to find volcanic glass in Bolkan which has not been touched in some way by the Leyline of Agitation's magic, but specimens are found on occasion with little to no latent magic within. Both magical and nonmagical Bolkhyn volcanic glass have their own applications and markets.
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One of the most renowned professions, sought out by many and honored by more.
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Notable People
Akara Gon'sa

Beyond Kamigon
Among the Bexarem, glasscrafters are exceptionally detail-oriented and are known to be masters of miniature sculpting and carving. They achieve levels of detail scarcely imaginable by most Bolkhyn glasscrafters. It is for this reason that, though the Bexarem are technically removed from the Bolkhyn population, the glasscrafters' guild in Kamigon seeks to recruit their crafters to expand their portfolio and knowledge base.

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