Font of Oblivion

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Thus did the harrowing smoke seep into the earth, between the cobbles, through the grasses, smothering all magical life, flora and fauna both. Those who survived exposure were changed, and we knew not that all were soon to follow.
— Ancient account of dubious origin
  The Font of Oblivion is a lost artifact of the ancient Yulrorim said to have spurred the emergence of the leyline of oblivion in the region.

A Relic of Fable

Tales spun from the accounts and fables of old describe the Font of Oblivion as a dark metal censer, immense in comparison to a typical specimen, standing at a height described as anywhere between three to five feet tall, depending on the tale. The censer released thick black-purple smoke said to be capable of dispelling any magic exposed to it, no matter its power.

A Magical Era

The stories of ancient Yulrorim are littered with tales of grand wizards and spectacular magical feats, pointing to a past of societies brimming with magic. Scholars have theorized that the Font of Oblivion was created to manage enchantments and other dangerous magics which have gone out of control, and must have been developed by magi who mastered the arts of dispelling magic of all forms in a great collaboration. Records beyond the days of the Font's creation are few in number, and all that have been found declare the relic to be a reckless experiment and a danger to not only their societies, but to the world at large.

Harbinger of Oblivion

One record has been found which depict a tale in which the Font of Oblivion was left unattended with an irresponsible youth, who activated its effect and found no way to halt the flow of its smoke. By the time it was discovered, the smoke had filled its chamber and the hall which housed it, barring any who could stop it from reaching the Font. As it continued to spew forth magic-nullifying smoke, all within its path was purged of magic, and as the smoke seeped into the ground beneath the city, it fed the leyline of oblivion, which emerged shortly thereafter, purging all other magic from the land as a whole. There is no mention of what happened to the Font itself, or where it was originally held.
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Curious how one of the most magical societies of eld created the relic which consumed it all.
Font of Oblivion by Strixxline via Midjourney
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Yulrori Umbralists

Expanding Oblivion
This relic is hungrily sought after by the Yulrorim Umbralists, who seek to use its powerful anti-magic properties against the earthenwards which prevent the further expansion of the leyline of oblivion's emergence. There is no guarantee that this relic will serve the desired purpose, but the cult will not be stopped until it finds out.

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