Earthheart Iskani

Grow some thicker skin, they told me. I didn't think they meant it literally until the cave walls began to pelt me with stones. Lesson learned. Maybe I'll come back when I learn a few more enchantment spells.
— Visitor to the Earthheart
  The Earthheart are a form of Iskani, born of the essence of the elemental plane of earth. Known to be an extremely hardy people, these Iskani are often found in landscapes built of stone and raw earth, or deep underground.

Born of Earth

With the essence of earth in their blood, the Earthheart Iskani have great strength and resilience, carrying with them the enduring and ancient power that is the nature of earth. Iskani born of earth most commonly take on the hues of the earth and stone their people surround themselves with, in their skin tones, hair, and eye color. Because of this, regional populations of Earthheart Iskani may look quite different from one another, having adapted over generations to take on the qualities of their homes. Most will be rather short in stature, often no taller than 5'8, but quite broad.   The element of earth may manifest itself in some as hardened stoneskin, stone limbs which can be molded like clay, or small stony protrusions on the skin. Earth often manifests itself all across the body, making most Earthheart Iskani appear more stone than flesh.

Gemstone Hearts

It is possible for some Earthheart Iskani to take on a crystalline aspect, as opposed to solid stone. These Iskani often take on brilliant colors and bold physical manifestations of crystalline earth. Where the Earthheart Iskani are often muted in their appearances and personality, these gemstone hearts are known for a haughtier personality and striking forms. Gemstones may protrude from the skin, cavities in the body may appear as cracked geodes, and even their eyes may take the appearance of gleaming gemstones.

Rough Hewn Settlers

As people of the earth, the Earthheart Iskani remain close to their element when choosing and developing their homes. Rocky cliffs and crags, as well as deep caves, make the ideal homes for these sturdy people. There are few places the Earthheart cannot comfortably settle, given that there is solid ground upon which to build. One will seldom find the Earthheart in regions of soft ground or sand, or in heavily flooded areas. The Earthheart are wary of settling by flowing water, as they know well how water erodes stone over time.
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There is great wisdom to be found in the minds of those whose hearts are forged of the ever-patient, ancient earth.
Skin Tones
Varied by Geographic Region;
Hues of Native Stone, i.e. Grey, Brown, Red, Yellow, Others
Hair Colors
Same Range as Skin Tones
Elemental Features
Stone-based features include: Stone Skin, Moldable Limbs, Stone Protrusions, Cracking
Gem-based features include: Gemstone Eyes, Geode Cavities in the Body, Gemstone Protrusions
160+ years
Average Height

The Color of Home

The Earthheart Iskani vary in color based on the stones which make up their region, but this adaptation does not always result in the perfect color match. In regions where stone may have several colors, such as in layers of sedimentary rock, the range of skin tones may be more diverse than one may think.   In certain regions, it is said that those who perfectly match the colors of the stone of their birthplace are gifted with an ancient wisdom, that only time will reveal to them and their people.

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