Drakora is a familial classification for dragons which tie their ancestry or special properties to forms of magic outside of the draconic.  

Expanded Ancestry

Drakora come in many forms and of many lineages, including faye, elemental, divine, and several others. These lineages affect drakora differently, granting atypical magical abilities to some, or altering their appearance, behaviors, preferred habitats, and physical forms.  

Drakora Ferasska

Dragons of the Faye
Faye drakora are often known for being small in size and large in personality, often taking delight in causing mischief. Typically benign creatures, very few act in true malice, maintaining some noble composure from their more elegant purely-draconic ancestors.


(Read: Faespinner)
Faespinners are small faye drakora who reside deep within the Hearthwild, the central forest of The Hearthwood. Known to be guardians of the Hearthwild, faespinners' mischief is rarely seen by those who reside within the forest alongside them, rather turning it on unwelcome visitors to their forests.
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The Nature of Dragons

Dragons and drakora are, in essence, the same creatures. That is to say, the only thing that separates them in terms of classification is the expanded ancestry of the drakora, vs. the pure draconic bloodlines of dragons proper.   Both classifications see a wide array of sizes, shapes, and magical affinities, though the drakora are more diverse in this regard.

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