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Ever busy, hard at work. Challenges can bring out the best in us, and give us that little push we need to truly get our minds working and our fingers typing.
  This article is dedicated to the community challenges in which I have participated in through WorldAnvil, building up Malkora slowly but surely.   Table of Contents


SummerCamp 2022

See the challenge page here!
I took this SummerCamp by storm, snatching Diamond and developing a large portion of the continent of Nefyran. Bolkan went from concept to reality, and I made tons of much-needed connections. The result of this event was tons of hype and tons of ideas for WorldEmber!
  See more about my work during the event here! SummerCamp 2022 | Bridging the Gap

SummerCamp 2021

See the challenge page here!
A more focused approach to SummerCamp than my previous years, but still ending with a breadth of new topics covered. The wind was knocked out my sails heading into the event season, but I still pulled Silver!   See more about my work during the event here! SummerCamp 2021 | Elemental Malkora

SummerCamp 2020

See the challenge page here!
I took my second SummerCamp by storm by going all the way for Diamond! A mix of all kinds of themes, developing many different parts of my world bit by bit. This event left me with lots of future jumping-off points!   See more about my work during the event here! SummerCamp 2020 | Going Wide

SummerCamp 2019

See the challenge page here!
My very first SummerCamp! I got started late in the month, and didn't quite make it all the way through. Despite that, I ended up with a number of great articles to work with, including a heap of local lores and cultural development!   See more about my work during the event here! SummerCamp 2019 | It's a Start!


WorldEmber 2022

See the challenge page here!
WorldEmber is coming! My goal for this event is to better flesh out the magic of Malkora, from its leylines, to its primals, to its deities.
See more about my work during the event here! WorldEmber 2022 | Powers of the World

WorldEmber 2020

See the challenge page here!
I brought a whole new race to life during WorldEmber 2020, the Iskani, and that was just the beginning of my adventure! I explored a great deal of backstory for the people of my world, their origins (through Ancient Bloodlines), and some of their more cryptic gods — definitely a subject to come back to in the future.
WorldEmber 2020 brought us: Iskani, Ancient Bloodlines, Tilbari, The Stardancer, and more!

WorldEmber 2019

See the challenge page here!
WorldEmber 2019 is where I really set things in motion, and came up with a great wealth of content, particularly in regards to my Nimata, which included two subraces, the Lessai and Valsheri. In addition, my second race, the Boharin came into development, giving Malkora its first of many diverse inhabitants.
WorldEmber 2019 brought us: Nimata, Boharin, Drakora, The Hearthwood, Bogara, and more!

WorldEmber 2018

See the challenge page here!
WorldEmber 2018 was my first huge challenge, and it pushed me a great deal. My world's organized worldbuilding was in its infancy, and was being built entirely from a D&D 5e setting framework. Though I was able to take this challenge to build up my own gods, a history for the world, and stories as lore -- though many of these stories I no longer consider canon.
WorldEmber 2018 brought us: Nhaderys, Aasimus, Mal'kor, The Alabaster Hand, and more!

Community Challenges

Spooktober 2022

See the challenge page here!

A fun little challenge where I managed to create just enough emotes to get the event badge! Plus a bonus two emotes made at the last minute to capture a silly moment in WorldAnvil's birthday stream during the beloved PUNgeon!   Read my challenge article: Spooktober 2022 | Emote Season

On the Shoulders of Giants

See the challenge page here!

My first foray into WA competitions outside of SummerCamp and WorldEmber since the Conlang challenge in 2020! So, you can imagine my shock when I heard my name among those chosen for the shortlist!
My challenge article dove into the Antecedents, the ancient ancestors of modern humanity and founders of magic — and bringers of the Nameless Era.   An excellent challenge that gave me a better understanding of the history of the world I am writing!

SummerCamp Reading Challenge 2022

See the challenge page here!

This was a delightful little challenge that I leaned into as much as I could! I read so many community submissions, and the three articles I was supposed to choose from each prompt turned into a collection of expansive shortlists (which I had to compromise and cut down to six honorable mentions each).   Read my challenge article: SummerCamp 2022 | The Reading Challenge

The Words of Worldbuilding

See the challenge page here!

During this challenge, I took my first dive into considering and developing the Nimai language, and developing the lore of Faespinners through my entry: Curled Leaves. The language did not get very much fleshed out during this challenge, but remains as a project for another time.

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