Circus of Stars

What, pray tell, burns brighter in this world, than the stars themselves?   Shall we dare to outshine them?
— Azuren Hellfore, Performer
  The Circus of Stars is an annual festival put on by the Nova Troupe, known for its bright and bold light-based performances, in celebration of the movements of the Stardancer's Ring.

Traveling Show, Shifting Visions

The Circus of Stars is an annual winter festival which travels frequently, often taking place in different locations each year. Rarely does it return to a past venue within a decade, but the Circus of Stars has found itself rather fond of the Ampitheatre Arcanys, located in The Hearthwood.   With its observation of the Stardancer's movements, locations are often chosen based on where certain constellations are best seen, and where the night sky may best act as a staging area for the festival. Performances themselves are created anew each year, curated to reflect the year's constellation patterns, woven into a visual narrative.

Homage to the Stardancer

The ever-shifting constellations pulled across the sky upon the Stardancer's Ring are part of a phenomenon known to most. Some, by superstition, others by belief, and even worship. Nevertheless, the Stardancer is a patron god of those who make merry, and those who devote their lives to performance often look to this god for guidance and inspiration.   Festivities during the Circus of Stars revolve heavily around this phenomenon, and are as much an homage to the Stardancer as they are displays of faith.

Devoted Performers

Though organized by the Nova Troupe, many great performers take the stage in the Circus of Stars, each striving to dazzle and amaze with their movements. A wide range of talents find representation among those who perform, but it is rare to see any during this event which do not come with an impressive display of lights.

Starlight Bodies

The Nova Troupe, who organizes and leads the festival each year, is especially known for its white-flame Iskani performers, who travel from lands far south of Nefyran. White-flame Iskani are exceptionally uncommon, hailing only from a select few lands throughout the world.
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Many would say attempting to outshine the stars is an act of arrogance; others, an homage.
Religious Observation
Related Deity
Annual; Winter
Varied, Travels

Outshine and Inspire
Those who perform in the Circus of Stars make a goal of theirs to outshine the stars; it is a lofty goal, but many witnesses claim they come closer to reaching it with each passing year.
Frozen Star
The Circus of Stars is a winter festival, and many believe this is due to how prevalent flames and other pyrotechnics are during performances. Overheating would be exceptionally easy, in the heat of summer!

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