Church of Dawn

Nhaderys teaches us to believe in ourselves, above all. To spread hope, to exhibit love and care for your fellow. This is our duty, this is our sacred charge.   "When hope dies, be the one to reignite its spark, for this will usher in a new life for your people." Remember this phrase, my child. It will carry you to greatness, to delight in the afterlife, as you receive that kindness which you have given others.
— Cleric of Nhaderys
  The Church of Dawn is the official church of Nhaderys, the New Dawn.

Spreading Hope

The church is operated by worshipers of Nhaderys, the New Dawn, those who make it their mission to spread hope across the land, particularly in places where hope has become sparse. It is the primary Church of Nhaderys, with three separate sects: The Dawnwardens, the The Voices of Hope, and the Dawnmender Accord. The Church of Dawn functions as an organization which prioritizes helping those in need, staving away hopelessness, and paving the path into a continued new dawn peace.   Branches are found in all lands of Malkora, with their primary base of operations resting in central Nefyran, in a city on the shore. Formed early on in the world's history, this church is thought to have started with Mal'kor in her journeys, inspiring faith in the goddess and her teachings worldwide.
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The three sects of the church work to heal scars, but it's still not an easy task.
Divine Order
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Nhaderys, the New Dawn

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