I traveled from Everbright, into Bolkan, and was amazed. I never thought that the unforgiving sun could possibly give way to even more unforgiving heat. I prayed every moment that I would fare well enough in my travels as to not fall victim to a stray lava pit...   Luckily, of course, it seems I pulled through in the end.
— Explorer of the South
  The Bolkhyn are people who reside within the region Bolkan, in southern Nefyran.

A Volatile Home

Bolkan is a region in which the Leyline of Agitation has had a major emergence. Thus, these people make their homes in a volatile place, brimming with energy and chaos, which has manifested in extreme heat and volcanic activity. Unlike their Sunwright neighbors to the west, who can host most races with relative comfort, the Bolkhyn must be individually equipped to live in such a treacherously volcanic place, such as by having their own natural resistance to heat, in order to live in the region.

Solitary People

The Bolkhyn people who reside here do so, knowing that their home is very inhospitable to others But, to them, it is a safe haven. This is not to say that even this safe haven does not have dangers which it may pose to those equipped to survive in it; despite its own unique dangers, however, the Bolkhyn homes are easily defendable against outside threats, who often perish or retreat before meeting any city gates. Few visitors may come to their lands, but they welcome the solitude if it means peace.

A Unique Trade

Though the Bolkhyn rarely greet visitors to their homes, their traders often venture beyond their fiery homeland seeking to trade their goods and services. This population has developed a love for visual arts, for painting and drawing, and have made much business out of creating and trading unique pigments, made from reagents only found within their charred lands.
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It is difficult to live in an isolation, forged of your home environment. But not always.
Primary Races
Iskani (Flameheart, Earthheart Iskani)
Nimata (Flame-bound)

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