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If you seek passage to the Earthen Kingdoms, come aboard, come aboard.   We'll see no pirates on these seas, this we guarantee!
— Announcer for the AR Shelterwell
  The Ashrunner a class of modestly-sized merchant vessels designed for travel through hot murky waters to the east of Bolkan.

Built for Heat

Ashrunner ships are frequently used to transport common travelers, traveling merchants, miscellaneous cargo, and other things between the ports of Eletta and of the Earthen Kingdoms.   These ships commonly port merchants and travelers between the two ports. They are constructed in Eletta and many of these ships can be seen in Eletta's harbor, awaiting their trials and debut. A recent invention, not in the ships themselves but in their treatment and application as seen in the present day.

The Ashrunners

These ships are typically identifiable by name, with the designation prefix "AR," for Ashrunner. This is not a requirement, but most captains will opt to name their Ashrunners with this standard. Notable ships of this type include the original Ashrunner, AR Flamebreeze, the AR Stone's Throw, the Heatskipper, and the AR Shelterwell.  
  • Ashrunnerthe first successful vessel of its kind, from which all future Ashrunners have derived their names.
  • AR Flamebreezethe spiritual successor to the original Ashrunner, slightly larger and more efficient by far.
  • AR Shelterwellthe largest of the Ashrunners, compromising some speed for sheer cargo load capacity. Travelers are not typically permitted aboad this vessel, only cargo and their associated merchantry, and is well-guarded while at sea. Its slow speed would make it a target for pirates who would seek to plunder the ship and its contents.
  • Sundancedelegated to only taking travelers and merchants with small cargo loads due to its affinity for particularly bumpy rides at sea, even in calmer waters. Its captain adored it too much to retire it before seeing a lifetime on the seas.
  • AR Stone's Throwbest known for its speed, which coined it the motto, "Making the Earthen Kingdoms feel but a Stone's Throw away."
  • Heatskippermet a gristly fate when it went off course and ventured into the waters of the Gilded Reef despite prior warning, where it was promptly overtaken by pirate vessels and sunk in its attempt to retreat.
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    Goodly travelers need only the smoothest possible ride through such hot ashen waters.
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    The Safest Path
    Many travelers rely on these ships to secure passage between Eletta and the Earthen Kingdoms as there is a great deal of fear surrounding traveling through the plains outside of Bolkan by land. People would prefer the risk of being the target of piracy over making the difficult journey by foot, though pirate attacks on such vessels are exceedingly rare.

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    Very cool article. I liked the layout, very crisp and informative. I also really liked the whole concept of the Ashrunners and their AR descendant ships. Do the pirates of that area have similar ships? If not they probably want to get some in order to be more successful against the Ashrunners.