Arsaces Monarchy

The Arsaces Monarchy was the long-reigning ruling power of Terramarre, overthrown by The Alabaster Hand.


The Arsaces Monarchy ruled from the very beginning of recorded history, maintaining its hold on its lands and the hearts of its people through diligence and restraint. The ruling family decreed that greed was the downfall of every great nation and strove to rule intelligently and fairly.   Throughout history, the Arsaces Monarchy was viewed in high esteem. Exemplary members of the church, and bearers of kind hearts, the royal family could do no harm in the eyes of its people and, for centuries, they never did.  

End of an Era

The rule of the Arsaces Monarchy ended with the life of Queen Serena Danica Melor Arsaces, a well-loved queen whose desperate actions were uncovered and twisted by the church.   After being branded a heretic and executed by The Alabaster Hand, the entirety of the royal family was hunted and slain, with the only known surviving member being Prince Leon Mineus Arsaces, the queen's only son.   Prince Leon was the crown prince of Terramarre, born to Queen Serena Danica Melor Arsaces twelve years before she was deposed. As the son of Queen Serena, he maintains rightful claim to the throne, so long as he is able to take control.   Knowing that the prince yet lives, the church actively hunts and tracks the young boy to the ends of the world, seeking to end what they consider a cursed bloodline for good. Though the church turned the hearts of many of the monarchy's supporters through fearmongering and misinformation, there are many who yet hold out hope that the prince will one day return and reclaim the throne.
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