Ancient Bloodlines

Magic flows through the veins of every sentient creature -- perhaps every living creature -- that calls this realm its home. To study the bloodlines from which we come, is a study one could devote an entire lifetime to. I am more than willing to commit my own, in this endeavor.
— Valsheri Scholar
  Malkora brims with magic in all of its forms, and this extends well into the very bloodlines of the sentient races who live in all of its corners. These bloodlines may be observed to act as the bridge between races, as with those which are closely related, but also as a clear divide, with races which are entirely unlike one another. They are a sign of the origin of the races, powerful connections to the metaphysical forces of the world which fueled evolution of newer, stranger people and creatures.

Leyborne: The Mystic Bloodline

Those of the Leyborne bloodline have an innate connection to the magical energies carried by the leylines of Malkora. An affinity for magic is common in races of this bloodline, as well as having peculiar physical traits, as compared to other races. Many mystical secrets lie with the races of the Leyborne bloodline.

Races of Leyborne

The Nimata, known also as the Essence-Bound, are the oldest surviving Leyborne race. Long-lived and endlessly mystifying to other races, the Nimata are so deeply connected to the leylines that their entire civilizations, cultures, and even beings, are altered by the leylines they are born closest to.

Faithkept: The Redeemed Bloodline

The newest of the bloodlines, those born of the Faithkept bloodline are the descendants of those blessed by the gods in their return to the plane. The gods of Malkora have not forgotten their children, and thus many Faithkept races are blessed with stronger connections to the gods they worship -- for better, or for worse.

Races of Faithkept

The Boharin are the youngest race of Malkora, having been "born" in the return of gods to the plane. Being the first of the blessed, their gods follow them wherever they go, often communicating directly with their devoted Boharin followers.

Worldspirit: The Primordial Bloodline

Oldest of the world's bloodlines, the Worldspirit has its roots set so far back in history that none can trace its true origin. Races of the Worldspirit find their beings intertwined with the natural and elemental magics of the plane, and can be found living in environments that other bloodlines could not fathom surviving.

Races of the Worldspirit

The Iskani are not only descendants of the elements, but have their very essence in their blood. These elements manifest physically on the body, displaying their elemental heritage for all to see.
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Bloodlines mean far more than simply who gets their inheritance. They are your past; they are your future.


Muddied Records

Due to the complete lack of available records and history regarding anything to do with the Nameless Age, it is impossible to accurately track the deeper pasts of any bloodlines besides the Faithkept, which originated in the turning of the new age. Because of this, the origins of the Leyborne and Worldspirit bloodlines are shrouded in mystery.

Hotly Debated

There is a great fuss amongst scholars regarding whether or not these bloodlines extend beyond sapient races, and into other species which inhabit the world. Certainly, magical creatures exist, so many argue that this is evidence of the fact; others would take insult at the implication that they are more closely related to common magical pests than they once thought.

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