There is something impressive about those who can will the rumbles of the earth into language, to bend the elements to one's tongue. Few, if ever, learn it on their own. So, tell me. Where did you find this gift?
— Alabaster Inquisitor
    Who: The language is spoken by the primordials themselves, and those who are granted the gift to utilize their gifts. Those who respect the elements and are deemed worthy by the primordials to engage in discussion with them speak the tongue freely, and thus granted the guidance to achieve new heights.
What: The ancient language of the primordials, learned and understood only by those who are granted the gift of elemental magic.
Where: The language may be found anywhere that the elements can reach, and in any such place there are those who can comprehend this language.
When: The language of the primordials is said to be older than time itself, predating the magical leylines and the gods. Thus, their timeline is incredibly difficult to place, and origins difficult to comprehend.
Why:The primordials are ancient beings, on the level of gods in their influence and might. Thus, they have their own way of communicating, and are willing to bestow this knowledge on those they deem worthy of their gifts. Many Iskani know this language, as a virtue of being born of the elements' blood, but this is not always the case.
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Language of the deep earth, the oceans, the winds, the rumbling magma. The Deep tongue.
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