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With much of it's history shrouded in darkness and lost to the ages, Malkora is a world that owes its current state to the generosity of a goddess in a time of great strife. Now facing a violent crusade, entire populations are displaced or slain as their own protectors turn on them.   In this land of seeking opportunity, it is up to brave adventurers to bring balance back to their lands, before another great darkness sweeps the plane.     The world of Malkora is a long-running project which has taken many turns in the years, and remains a passion project and outlet for unbound creativity. Join me on this worldbuilding journey, lend your support, and follow the world of Malkora as it grows beyond its humble RPG-inspired roots.

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Greetings! I am Line, the soul which pilots this lofty project! In addition to my adventurers in worldbuilding, I am also an illustrator and designer, and you may find my work in a plethora of places online. If you wish to support my project and my practice, I implore you to follow me on social media, and consider becoming a Patron, should you feel generous! Each contribution brings me closer to bringing you a world fit for exploration and enjoyment!
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