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The Platinum Army Dissolves, the Peacekeepers are Founded

Military action

8 AD - 50 AD

The dwarves and Church strengthen their bonds, the Platinum Army falls, and the Peacekeeper organization is born.

After the death of Bahamut, the world saw the Platinum Army in an extremely terrible light. The members also were very fed up with the organization, and the Platinum Army, tragically, dissolved.
But the Church of Bahamut saw that there was evil everywhere still lurking in the world, and Malkor's people needed to be protected. Thus, they reached out to their ancient allies, the dwarves, Peacekeeper family answered his call, along with many other dwarves. Together, they created the Peacekeeper organization. The Peacekeeper organization would emulate that which the Platinum Army did, but it would not call itself such; It would both recruit and temporarily employ individuals to further the goals of each establishment which came to accept its protection. To this day, the Peacekeepers are a strong and proud organization, a symbol to the good relations between Malkor and its savior, Bahamut.

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Creation, as Recorded by the Church of Bahamut