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The Goblin Invasion

Disaster / Destruction

9240 DL - 9241 DL

Thalassar, the dwarven capital, is beseiged by goblins.

Having long envied the dwarves for their impressive wealth, the first goblin high king assembled the the west's goblins in an all-out assault on Thalassar, the dwarven capital. The siege lasted for two thirds of a year (ten months), during which many, many dwarves were killed, kidnapped, or both.   During their time of need Bahamut heard the pleas of the dwarves, and sent a small army to aid them. The gnomes, residing in the lands above Thalassar, joined in the rescue of their neighbours. They valiantly fought back the invaders, and saved the dwarves in their most dire hour. In gratitude, the dwarves swore allegiance to the Church, and opened their gates permanently to the gnomes.

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Creation, as Recorded by the Church of Bahamut