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The Void Wars

Plague / Epidemic

9645 DL - 9831 DL

The Undergod Aldrothogeth invades Malkor, intending to sap it dry.

From the forgotten realm of Norgoth, the dark god Aldrothogeth tears open the fabric of reality and invades Malkor with his twisted servants. The war plunges the entire world into chaos, and Malkor is altered, weakened, over the course of the dark two hundred year war. In the final battle, Tiamat tragically becomes tainted by Aldrothogeth, but miraculously manages to drive him back from entering this realm.   Following this, Tiamat and her brood would be forever altered, and came to be known instead of as chromatic dragons. Tiamat herself came to be known as Tiamat of Many Colors, referring to her new status as a Polychromatic dragon. The Church of the Dragon also establishes a military force to guard the Rift, called the Riftkeepers, and construct a fortress around the Rift that they name Sanctuary. The dwarves' Peacekeeper clan swore their loyalty to the dragon, and became among the first Riftkeepers.   The mortals of the realm were also altered by the ravaging war; Many, many lives were lost, and following this event the life span of many races would be reduced severely, because of Norgoth's miasma lingering for a long time, causing the changes to become permanent. Following the war, first humans would also enter into existence.

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