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Bahamut is Forged in Vanadis

Metaphysical / Paranormal event

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The realm Vanadis, home to the first dragonkind, forges the first platinum dragon, and the first ever of dragonkind, Bahamut.

The infant (relatively speaking) realm of Vanadis, having been slowly generating buildings and automatic constructions throughout its golden halls, suddenly springs to life. Roaring fires rages in its forges, icy water flows down from silvery mountaintops and crashes into the awaiting valleys below. And with the roaring echoes of life, Bahamut arises, roaring in kind, as an answer to the life all around him. The Lord of Vanadis takes his place upon the Golden Throne and charges the forges of Vanadis with creating others in his image. This marks the birth of both Bahamut and the first of dragonkind.

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