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Norgoth, Chaotic Neutral realm of the First Dragon, lies at the bottom of the Elsewhere’s “roots”. Before the Fey Wilds and the Shadowlands were released into the Elsewhere, Norgoth was a lush and thriving world not unlike Malkor itself. But the world was intertwined with the Wilds and the Lands just as Malkor is now, and when they were removed from underneath Norgoth they frantically searched for something to latch on to and attached to Mimirath’s body, formerly a simply floating mass, and it became the new plane of Malkor. Norgoth tragically became a twisted version of its former self. The escaping energies warped the landscape, changed the inhabitants, and before naught Norgoth was a shadow of its former self. The current inhabitants thirst eternally for the energies of the two planes to return to their lands, and heal their twisted world, and work tirelessly to reclaim what was rightfully theirs. They speak in tongue that can drive any mortal mad, they appear in forms unfathomable to the human mind, and they drain reality itself of its fabric. This power and the nature of their existence has caused them to become sealed off in their own world, but with outside help they can travel between the planes. Aldrothogeth, the First Dragon, is the king of this plane, and governs its many schemes and plans.


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