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Fort Maten

Hollowed out into the outer eastern side of the Sanctuary mountains, Fort Maten lies as a stronghold checkpoint, a bastion against the large goblin hordes in the area.
Or so it was supposed to be.
The Peacekeepers grossly underestimated the goblins, especially their new goblin leader. The Goblin Queen made an example of Fort Maten, and now it's a goblin-infested reminder to the Peacekeepers to never again underestimate the goblins. The Peacekeepers cannot deal with the Goblins without leaving several of their already fortified positions undefended; and the Goblin Queen knows it.

Purpose / Function

The only reason Fort Maten was never destroyed was so that the Goblin Queen could redecorate it to a permanent reminder. Putrid corpses of slain Peacekeepers and their broken armor and skeletons of their brethren are displayed as trophies across the fort's battlements.

850 SA
Alternative Names
The Goblin Reminder

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