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Proud, fierce and inventive, the dwarves are among the oldest races on Malkor. They've dug caves, excavated for treasure and forged mechanical wonders since before the first human even set foot on the world. They are also the progenitors of the Peacekeeper force, and the main governing force of the Peacekeepers is therefore located in Dwarven lands.
Dwarves are known for their stubbornness, their ambition, and their passion. There are few who could argue with a dwarf and win, unless they too were a dwarf, or mayhap a gnome who knows their way around a dwarf's iron mindset. Dwarves are as much keen to party and celebrate as they are to work; They pour their life into their craft, be it working as a guard or as an artisan.

Basic Information


Dwarves are stout, shorter humanoids; They usually average around 150cm, and are built like tanks.

Genetics and Reproduction

The dwarves reproduce just as humans do.

Growth Rate & Stages

A dwarf will reach adulthood around 50 years old, and will live to be around 400 years at the oldest.

Ecology and Habitats

Dwarves live in warmer lands, and strongly dislike the cold, with the exception of some hill dwarven clans, adapted to the colder areas of the northern barrens.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dwarves live on the same food as humans.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Both genders grow beards, and very easily. It's quite normal to see beards as fashion statements in dwarven lands.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dwarves, having been creatures of the underground for a long time, are accustomed to darker light, and have darkvision, though they see in the dark in shades of grey.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Example Male Names. Adrik, Alberich, Baern, Barendd, Brottor, Bruenor, Dain, Darrak, Delg, Eberk, Einkil, Fargrim, Flint, Gardain, Harbek, Kildrak, Morgran, Orsik, Oskar, Rangrim, Rurik, Taklinn, Thoradin, Thorin, Tordek, Traubon, Travok, Ulfgar, Veit, Vondal
Example Female Names. Amber, Artin, Audhild, Bardryn, Dagnal, Diesa, Eldeth, Falkrunn, Finellen, Gunnloda, Gurdis, Helja, Hlin, Kathra, Kristryd, Ilde, Liftrasa, Mardred, Riswynn, Sannl, Torbera, Torgga, Vistra
Example Clan Names. Balderk, Battlehammer, Brawnanvil, Dankil, Fireforge, Frostbeard, Gorunn, Holderhek, Ironfist, Loderr, Lutgehr, Rumnaheim, Strakeln, Torunn, Ungart

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Dwarves of all kinds speak their own unique dialect of dwarven. With the exception of the Duergar, they also know Common. The Duergar instead are well versed in what is commonly referred to as Undercommon.


The dwarves are the oldest race on Malkor. For the longest time, dwarves were beings made of pure stone, eternal guardians of the ancient being Mimirath, safeguarding and cultivating the life that grew on Malkor. Tales are still told of the ancient days, of how the dwarves' watchful nature heralds back thousands upon thousands of years, and how the great being Mimirath granted them life. BUt at this point, many question how that could be possible, as there is no evidence of any stone dwarves, let alone this mysterious Mimirath.

400 years
Average Height
between 120 and 155cm
Average Weight
up to 100kg.
Average Physique
Dwarves are exceptionally broad, and often quite muscular.
Related Ethnicities

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