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West Malkor holds a few currencies, mostly having been unified. Only three currencies dominate the west, all others having mostly converted to the Malkorian Mark, at the behest of the Church of Bahamut. Marks were introduced to Malkor in the dark age, in an attempt from the church to unify the land in its time of fractured despair. To an extent, it worked, and the Mark was quickly solidified amongst the more exposed lands. The High Elves' Casings and the Sanctuarian Runes, both countries that isolated themselves for a longer time, held on to their currencies as they were doing well even through the dark age.
The currently active marks (and their conversion rates in comparison to the Mark in Gold) are:
  • Malkorian Mark (Marks) - 1 Mark = 1 Mark
  • Silvery Casings (Casings, Cases) - 1 Casing = 3 Marks
  • Sanctuarian Runeborns (Runes) - 1 Rune = 4.5 Marks
  • Corinth Seeds (Seeds) - 1 Seed = 0.5 Marks

The Mark is valid throughout the entirety of Malkor. Only the north accepts casings, and Runes are only valid in Sanctuary.
The East holds different coin. None of the eastern coins are functional as actual money in the west, and the opposite holds true, but there are a number of select guilds, shops and enterprises that actively exchange currencies for confused travelers, though with a fee.

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