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King of Nether, He Who is Nothing, The First Dragon, The Pillar of Origin. Aldrothogeth holds many titles amongst both mortals and gods, and his name is oft uttered in disgust or fear. He rules Norgoth, the Drained Lands, amassing his armies, biding his time for when the seal on Norgoth is weak enough that he can once more re-enter Malkor and retake what is his.
Tragically, Aldrothogeth, once known as Albion, was one of the finest creations of Odari. He was a being made out of purity itself, a noble and benevolent being, directly tied to the lands of Telgoth, which Odari had created as a garden for mortals. Albion was as his title implies the very first dragon ever created, and the progenitor of both Bahamut and Tiamat, who would later be the progenitors of Malkor's dragons. His task was to protect Telgoth's people, and ensure them to always be safe. He separated his own powers into the Fey Wilds and the Shadowlands, and directly tied them to the plane as well, in order to increase the power of its inhabitants and allow them to freely use magic, so that they could learn to fend for themselves. For a long time, Telgoth was a peaceful land. Its people thrived and its lands were lush and filled with life. It was not to last.
Because he was so preoccupied with Telgoth, Albion created Amaranthie out of the Fey Wilds themselves, tasking her to guard both it and the Shadowlands from any who would dare disrupt it. Amaranthie did not understand why a being such as her would guard the Shadowlands, and never saw to its protection. This negligence led to the energies becoming unbalanced, and before long, a mortal's greedy and dastardly attempt to ascend into godhood ripped out the Fey Wilds and Shadowlands, along with all magic in Telgoth. The land had become naught but an empty chalice.
Husks of their former selves, both Albion and the people of Telgoth desperately tried to regain their magic. Odari turned a blind eye, fascinated with Malkor, his new pet project. Frustrated, Telgoth's inhabitant turned to whatever they could communicate with that would respond, and the wild energies around the planes responded. Something... else leaked out into the world, filling the empty chalice with magic again. But it wasn't what they believed it to be. The magics completely transformed people, animals and even Albion himself, completely warping physical and mental structures. Telgoth turned into Norgoth, and Albion became Aldrothogeth, the Mad God. Hellbent on taking back that which he now believed Malkor to have stolen from him, he set out to conquest the land, ripping open portals into the plane, and dragging back anything and everything they could get their hands on. Eventually, Bahamut and Tiamat fought back, and sealed all connections to Norgoth. These powerful enchantments still lay on the plane, making few beings capable of moving to and from the plane.
But when Sargoroth of the Contracts arose to godhood, his methods became a recognized fact of the universe. Thus, his invented contracts to get demons to Malkor affected the entirety of the nine realms; Norgoth included. Aldrothogeth sensed this change, and worked to increase the number of agents on the world he was formerly banned from. Now he slowly bides his time for when the people of Malkor and its protective enchantments are at their most weakest.

Divine Domains

Nether, Darkness, Emptiness

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An amber dragon eye, surrounded by two wings and tentacles.

Divine Classification

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