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Icewind Dale

"Colder than a witch's snot! I think that's the saying..." -Brimner Anvilbreaker


A desolate tundra surrounding a large freshwater lake that is always partially frozen. With the Daggerback mountain range to the west, and the inhospitable Barlin's Point at the northernmost tip of the continent, Icewind Dale in an unforgiving icy desert. That said, there is natural beauty to be found with the mountain peaks glinting like mithral spikes, and the glowing lights of the Northern Aurora shining in the darkest of nights.

Flora & Fauna

Herds of elk, and the oxen-like Rodara are plentiful in Icewind Dale, making good use of the sparse vegetation in the area. Scraggly trees are interspersed throughout the tundra, and tufts of hardy arctic grass peak up through the snows on the higher hills. Fish can be found in the freshwater lake. Pike and perch are abundant, however there are also eels, squid, and much larger, more dangerous aquatic creatures that live in the depths as well.

Natural Resources

Mineral deposits can be found in the landscape of Icewind Dale, including mithral and adamantite, which drew the dwarves to the North in search of riches.
Desert, Ice

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