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The world of Malkavia is a diverse one, home to a plethora of beings with only goodness in their hearts. The cities inhabiting this land are diverse, with Malaz City, the City of Stones in Altevia, leading the way with the beautiful Elven Queen, Alustria Malkavian, named for her ancestors, the first beings to traverse the world.   While there are indeed beacons of hope and goodness in the land, there are also cesspools of corruption and decay. Take the Broken Strand, home to nefarious pirate lords whose only barrier to a conquest of the neighboring continent of Porteva is their lust for their rivals' blood, or the continent of Kharkanas where for a full century nothing but dark whispers have escaped this almost forgotten isle.   With more places to see than could possibly be visited in a single, measly, human lifetime, the world of Malkavia is an ever evolving mystery. From the lifeless deserts of Eidabos, to the eccentric gnomish and halfling wizards of Foppelting Village, to the foreboding edifice of Purake's Castle, and the desolate, evocative beauty of the Elven ruins of Alendel, Malkavia is a world where the hearts of adventurers are always full with the promise of excitement and danger.

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