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The After

Those that know, know. For those that don't, no words of others will have any true convincing power. This is something you must learn yourself.   Ancestors have power, they have not vanished, they know us and we can know them.  

Spirit World

  A vision of the afterlife, or the After, is given to many, more than we have record of, for it is a gift of a very personal and sacred nature. Consequently, while those who have received this vision, or visited there, will testify of what they experienced, they do not share many specifics with others. Some truths seem universal or nearly so:
  • Beautiful beyond description
  • Filled with all manner of life
  • Many deceased friends and family greet them
  • All appear happy and busy
  • Colors are both more intense and there are more of them
  • No pain, no disease, no sorrow
  • All who dwell there seem to have much work to do, which is sweet to them.


Disagreement exists on whether what is called the world of Spirits is also Heaven. Some believe that they are the same thing, while others content that there is another place, a higher place, that what has been reported and revealed.  


Some few who have been given a glimpse of the life beyond this one have quite a different report to give. They have seen a place so different from that of the Spirit World that it cannot be considered the same place. 
  • A great shadow appears to fill every space
  • There is no life to be seen, save the human, or former human inhabitants
  • No bonds of friendship, or family seem to exist. Each person is and remains alone and separate.
  • Universal misery, no smiles or excitement. Work exists, but there is no creation in it.
  • Dim colors, or no colors, like a room in darkness.
  • No disease, but much sorrow and much anguish
  • Some few there seem to relish the possibility of engaging in the destruction of humanity, but to most there is only torment.


Actual reports are rare, but all that exist seem to agree that it is a surpassingly beautiful place. All the best things that exist in our world are also there, but made even more glorious. Mountains are grander, hills greener, and lakes and rivers and oceans are clean and clear and reviving. There are beaches, canyons, fjords, plateaus, valleys and islands. If it exists in the realm of the living it exists in the After.


Those who have seen the After and choose to share some of what they beheld often speak in awe about the abundance of living things.  Majestic trees, of every variety fill forests and stand in groves. Fruit trees bear both blossom and harvest at the same time. Grasses and grains are rich and ripe and abundant. Flowers are an explosion of color and fragrance.
The pall of death, when viewed from the other side, is merely a bridge I must pass over. Now safely on the far bank, I realize that all I did before was mere preparation. The impossible is now possible. Go here, go there, see this and that. I have no need to sleep, or eat or drink, though there is pleasure there. I have labors to pursue and much still to learn, but a near infinity in which to do it. Begone, the cruelty of years, of age, disease, and things unfinished. You have no power now.
Alternative Name(s)
Spirit world, Heaven, Hell
Dimensional plane

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