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Silken Band

A strip of tattered red silk around the arm of a peasant girl leads Alton Treadnight and his Protectorate into a mystery greater than anyone in Malcera could have anticipated.   "This is my take Alton Treadnight's life." - Kalia Anzora

Manufacturing process

Torn from the original garment



Kalia Anzora tears the band from the bottom of The Scarlet Cloak that belonged to her cousin. Later on she leaves another piece of the cloak nailed to the wall of her chamber in the Mount Dakan Invasion Tunnels as a warning to the Protectorate soldiers who find it.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Owning Organization
Rebels of Dakan
Very rare
2 by six inches
Base Price
Worthless...but to a few
Raw materials & Components
Silk, red dye
Weaving tools

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