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Malar is an old and strange world. It's histories intricate when viewed up close, when viewed at a distance still strange. It possesses three great and strange continents. Inley; named for its greatest and most powerful empire. The divided continent so called for its many and short lived countries and kingdoms. Poyais, a strange place where no living people have been. Save those who live there, if there are any who do live there.   Inley so called for the empire which holds an iron grip on more than a third of the continent. The empire itself composed of dozens of kingdoms and hundreds fiefdoms. All kept in servitude with the promise of peace, prosperity, and destruction should they rebel or leave. The unconquered south made of the proud and defiant tritons, the free spirited and devastating Aacorka, and the chaotic and blood thirsty gnolls. Each fending off Inley for their own purposes. Then the unexplored north where few can live and where none who have decided to brave it have returned.   The divided continent a tale of tragedy and power. In days long since past fourteen kingdoms and empires comprised her landscape and power. Then the world changed when three decided to take it all for their own, the wars caused by them lasted for centuries. Eventually a last alliance of men, elves, dwarves, and many other forces set forth against them. The returned victorious but not for long, their armies and gold spent; their kingdoms fell. For the next 1200 years countries, kingdoms, and empires would rise quickly, just to fall as quickly.   Poyais what is there to be said of it. Some men have said it is a cracked, charred, and scarred landscape desiccated from some primordial conflict. Some have said it is a lush and verdant landscape, a place where a man may merely pluck fruits from the trees and eat of the endless bounty of the land. Still others have said it is a single great city where all outsiders are unwelcome. Still more have said it is the same great city but endlessly welcoming and hospitable. None can say for certain as travel is made difficult if not impossible by mazes of reefs, neare impenetrable walls of storms, and ferocious deep sea monsters.