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The oracles

Oracles are agents of time. They are hooded characters that travel in three. Seers see through time. One sees the past, the next the present, and the last the future. The past and the present are always consistent but the future should never speak since that aspect of the world is always changing. They are a mysterious group with ancient origins and are the only ones who are ever known to use time magic.

Who are the oracles?

That's a question that is usually asked when someone encounters them "Who are you?" During the tale of the King of Old and during Ingus's chronicles (church of the flame) they ask this question. And this is usually the response:
"Who I was is what I am no more. What I am is a speck of sand flowing throughout the hourglass of time."-Oracles
So in short- they are very mysterious people.

Divine Origins

Their origins are widely unknown. What is known is that Oracles are agents of time and they trace back to ancient times- though no one knows how far. They are reported to be spotted all across the world.

When they arrived to speak to her husband in SOL 327 the Queen of Old wrote in her diary:

"They appeared out of nowhere within a group of three. I know not from where they came or where they go afterwards."

Granted Divine Powers

They have the ability to see and travel through time.

Political Influence & Intrigue

They sometimes appear in front of kings and famous mages and gives them council. They cannot be summoned but they tend to summon themselves, appear, give insight, and disappear. The best documented instances comes from when they visited @ingus in Dessarti and The King of Old. The story goes that they warned the King of old about his death before the revolution started. He thought that the warning was foreshadowing the revolution. When they returned after he had become king he asked them again about how he would die. They told him the same way, they also warned him about the faeries. He thought they were crazy and ignored them. Then the The Burning War happened. And he eventually died the way they told him he would. Had the king listened the whole political sphere of Kingdomania would be different between Faeries and people.

So, in short Oracles have the ability to indirectly change political actions. It's just not confirmed how many kings and high mages they have interacted with.


We are not sure if they are divided into sects or not. The only thing that is certain is that there are travelers, who time travel and seers who sees through time. All seers are capable of traveling but all travelers may not be able to see.

Also, they travel in groups of threes

We are what will be, what has been, and what is.

Religious, Divine Host
Alternative Names
The three

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