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Where only the hardy and stubborn survive

Written by WDMichael

The Kingdom of Ice

      Worheim is a harsh land that has produced some of the hardiest creatures and races in all of Magmoia. A frozen landscape covered in snow and ice that seemingly never melts as the region stays cold even through the warm season. Much of the region is controlled by the dwarves who inhabit the land and have called this frozen landscape home since the first ages of Magmoia.
Why are dwarves so hard to kill you ask, have you seen where they live? Trust me if they can live through those brutal winters all while not being eaten by wolves, bears, or worse then you stand no chance against the weakest of them.
Admiral Logan "Silver Teeth" Wyndham


The Frostbite Mountain Range runs from the southern continent of Lahar deep into the far northern reaches of Worheim, and is the single defining geographical feature of the land. As the range splits the land in half Worheim is left with two very unique ecosystems on either side of its peaks. On the eastern borders of the range lies the Ironbark Forest, a vast and rugged forest with trees as strong as iron. Massive fjords reach deep into the western coastlines as the mountain rivers drain into the oceans below. The northern reaches of the land are a wind-torn tundra with brutal and unrelenting winds.


The Crown of Irial: On a large peak in the center of the Frostbite Mountains lies a landmark that is very precious to the dwarven population of Worheim. The Crown of Irial is a large radiating purple amethyst that protrudes from the top of the mountain range. The dwarves believe that this glowing shard of beauty was given to them as a gift from Irial.   Amethyst's Eye: An island of myths and legends that glows from the sea in a gleaming purple light. The island is said to be the home and mating grounds for the lands rarest and most cunning apex predator, the Akin. No settlements are on the island, and most travelers tend to steer away from the island for fear of the Akin's wrath.   Violet Vale: In the northern section of the Ironbark Forest lies an ancient and sacred forest of violet trees. A large underwater cavern runs below the roots of this magical forest drinking water from the caverns below, and soak up the magical energy that emanates from the crystals that fill the cavern walls.   Vágerbluff Lighthouse: The lands and waters in the north will undergo long periods of darkness as the sun moves out of view during the deep winter. This can make boating particularly hard for the nation. A great lighthouse was created with a massive light at its top powered by a crystal. The light emitted from the crystal has guided many ships into safe waters in the Gulf of Bulzad.    


Ice Dwarves of Irial

  The Ice Dwarves have claimed a vast majority of Worheim as their kingdom, and hold a dominating grip on the land. The land is divided into five dwarven kingdoms that are ruled by the capitol of Culvingarrd. The ruling family is currently the Snowcloaks. Although, throughout the years the ruling family has changed so long as all the major kingdoms agreed a change was necessary.    

Culvingarrd [Capitol]

Ruled By: Snowcloak Clan
Current Ruler: Voghar Snowcloak
House Sigil: A six-pointed snowflake with a raven in the center. The six-pointed snowflake is bright silver, and the raven in the center is white.


Ruled By: Onyxborn Clan
Current Ruler: Bulzad Onyxborn
House Sigil: Head of a golden wolf on a black background.


Ruled By: Ironbark Clan
Current Ruler: Fanzor Ironbark
House Sigil: Large pair of white elk antlers with two crossed arrows sitting between the gap of the antlers.


Ruled By: Vabarel Clan
Current Ruler: Aldrie Vabarel
House Sigil: A crossed telescope and anchor on a field of sea blue.


Ruled By: Coldblood Clan
Current Ruler: Juro Coldblood
House Sigil: The White Yeti on a field of shrouded purple.


Ruled By: Groundcarver Clan
Current Ruler: Hamdo Groundcarver
House Sigil: Two crossed mammoth tusks on a field of dull orange.


Humans of Mynari

  The eastern border of Worheim is shared with the seafaring nation of Mynari and the humans who rule that land. The dwarven kingdoms of Worheim have a stable alliance with the humans as they share Seaforth Lake and a common enemy in the Slag Elves to the south. Both regions have fought together in wars against other nations on both their own lands as well as foreign lands when called upon.


Bloodstain Giants

At the northern edges of Worheim lies a great hillside with large rolling hills covered in ice and snow. Many of the hills are carved out giving way to massive underground tunnels, vaults, and chambers that are used as homes for the Giants that roam the northern lands. The giants hunt in the Mammoth Lowlands harvesting mammoth meat and bones for use in their tunnels and their cooking. The dwarven kingdom of Wolveshire had attempted to create a northern keep in hopes of tapping into some of the northern lands and resources. The keep ultimately fell to the giants as the dwarven keep encroached upon their lands. A bloody battle ensued that seemed to never have an end due to the giants ability to use their tunnels for escape and surprise attacks on the invading forces.    


  The northern reaches of the land are frozen and windswept with shards of ice limiting the variety of plants and trees as only the stout and hardy will survive the harsh winters. Patches of thick Slate Grass and small bushes with bright red fruit named the Bloodberries litter the northern tundra, the Mammoth Flats.   The massive Iron Bark forest that reaches high into the eastern reaches of Worheim is home to the thick barked Iron Tree. The forest is lively and filled with hundreds of different flowers, bushes, moss, and various carnivorous plants. A large concentration of a very unique form of amethyst crystal is believed to have formed a large underground cavern. The energy from that cavern has seeped into the land above causing a section of the forest to turn a deep midnight purple. This bright glowing purple section of forest is called the Violet Vale



    White Stub Nose Bear: Can be found through many of the northern lands hunting large fish spawning in the rivers in the north or feeding on bloodberrys and small mammals found in the mountains and hills around the Frostbite Mountains.   Frost Lion: Lives throughout the Frostbite Mountains controlling the goat population throughout the mountain range.     Polar Lizard: Large lizards that live on the northern flatlands above Kaltvindur are a sneaky and treacherous predator. They are known to sneak up on its prey in the white of the snow with a bite so nasty it could drop a ground sloth in an hour or so.    


The large open territory largely untouched by civilization has allowed many of the animal populations to flourish. Many of the animals found in Worheim would not be found in any other region on the planet. The land these animals call home can be harsh in many ways and doesn't support weak or frail animals. Many of the so-called "prey" animals can be rather violent as the ever-threatening presence of the land predators keeps them rigid and sharp. Some of the more unique animals to the land include the Mammoths, Penguin, Walrus, Seal,Tundra Sloth, and Ice Moose.  

Mythical Animals

The apex predator, feared by any and all living creatures in the land of Worheim is the akin. These mythical beasts are said to live on the eastern island of the Amethysts Eye, but anything about the creature is generally nothing more than gossip as the beast is near impossible to find. The akin is not easily tracked as the creature is comfortable both on land and in the sea.

Glacier Phoenix

Worheim is home to multiple glaciers and floating icebergs in the northern seas. Most of these large chunks of ice are natural occurrences. However, a rare few of these pieces of ice were created by the beautiful Glacier Pheonixs. The mythical bird sleeps dormant in cocoons of ice until hunger drives them from their slumber.

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