WDMichael Articles 21 - 30 Notes and Inspiration

Describe a profession in your world that has always been, or recently became, illegal

  • What is the Profession in One Word:
  • What aspect of the Profession is Illegal (Is the profession 100% Illegal or is it a profession that's been twisted in part)
  • Example: Farming is considered to be a legal profession. With Farming, it can be twisted into an Illegal Profession if the farmer is growing a product that is Illegal or enhancing the product with chemicals for example.
  • On the other end Being a full-time thief is 100% Illegal (unless being a thief is looked at differently in your world like Pirate Planet!)
  • Why did it become Illegal in your world and what caused it to be viewed as an Illegal activity)?
  • Does the Profession require any raw materials and do they manipulate them in any way? (Poison, Drugs, Illegal Furs Etc.)(Illegal Substances, Illegal Fur Clothing, Ritualistic Potions.)
  • How is the Illegal Operation Hidden from Other? (Illegal Gambling ring in the back, Legal Grocery Store in the front.)
  • Illegal Everywhere or is it illegal in only some of the regions?
  • What kind of Punishment can be expected if caught doing this Illegal Activity?
  • What are the Upsides to the Job that push people into the profession? (Fame, Money, Privilege?)

Write about the headquarters of an organization in your world.

  • Organization itself:
  • What does this organization do?
  • How many members in the Organization?
  • Do they have any Symbols and what is the meaning behind them?
  • Any Laws of the Organization?
  • What is this Organizations' Agenda in the world?
  • Who is allowed inside?
  • Is this a Secret Organization or one that is Open to the public?
  • What kind of assets do they possess?
  • How is the Organization Funded?
  • Who is the Leader and what is the social structure below the leader?
  • The Headquarters:
  • What Building or Structure does the organization do its business?
  • What does the structure look like?
  • Does the building have any hidden rooms and who has access?
  • What kind of defenses does this headquarters possess?
  • Where is the common meeting place and is there anything special about the room (Like a Massive Hearth in a Great Hall or a map of the world on the floor)?

Describe a settlement that is famous for a particular resource, product or item created there.

  • Who lives in this Settlement?
  • What is the Building Structure like?
  • Are there any special buildings dedicated to this resource (Storage, A Forge, Mill)?
  • How has the discovery of this resource affected the settlement? (New Buildings, Wealth, Change in population)
  • What industries are needed for the resource? (Fishing, Market, Chef, Miner, Blacksmith)
  • Any Special Tools?
  • Any Pests to the resource?
  • What is the raw material and how is it harvested?
  • What was the reason behind this particular resource being famous? (Did a King or Queen love it, is it rare, hard to produce)
  • Is it Illegal Anywhere and for what reasons?
  • Are there any secrets associated with the resource in how it's farmed or produced?

Describe a law enforcing organization within your world and how they operate.

  • Laws that are enforced by this organization?
  • Title of the members? (Warden, Police officer.)
  • Social Structure of the Organization and who is the current leader?
  • What kind of formal training if any?
  • What enforcement tactics do they utilize? (Mace, Murder, Tickets, Arrest)
  • What Punishments if any are they allowed to enforce? (Seizure of property, Beheading)
  • What was the reason for the creation of the organization? (Rise in Crime?)
  • Are members feared or respected by the populous and what is the general opinion of the organization?
  • What kind of resources are available to them?
  • Do they have any other interactions with the populous other than enforcing the laws? (fixing a flat tire, or escorting someone home)
  • Any Jokes, Assumptions, Cliches or Myths about the organization?
  • How much power does the organization hold? (Enforcer, Judge, Jury, Executioner?)
  • Do they have a Unifrom and what does it look like?
  • Any Equipment or vehicles that are special or unique to the organization?
    Write about a food-focussed event in your world and describe how it's celebrated.
  • Why is this food integral to the celebrations? (Favorite food of an ancient hero, Is the food a rare delicacy)
  • Is the food consumed Raw or Prepared?
  • Where does the Food Grow?
  • What was the original reason behind the creation of an event? (Celebrating Freedom or the death of a hero)
  • Specific time and place for the celebration and why?
  • Any traditions during the event? (Food eating contest, pumpkin carving)
  • Is the event celebrated at home with family and friends, out on the town with the community or as a national holiday?
  • Is it considered a day off so that everyone can enjoy the holiday?

Write about a technology from the history of your world - is it lost to the ages, or did it shape the world today?

  • What is the technology used for?
  • When was the technology discovered and by who?
  • Did the creator become famous for the work?
  • Was the technology lost and if so HOW did it become lost?
  • If it's still part of the world how has it shaped the world?
  • Has the technology been advanced upon or is it still the exact same technology from the past?
  • Does the technology create any harmful side effects or waste?

Describe any condition or disease for which a cure has recently been developed.

  • What organ system(s) does the condition or disease effect?
  • Causes? (Internal like genetics, environmental like toxins or some bacteria/virus.)
  • Symptoms and how do they change as the condition progresses?
  • How was the condition or disease treated in the past?
  • What does the condition or disease effect? (Plants, animals, humans)
  • Who was responsible for creating the cure? (Accidental discovery or on Purpose)
  • Was the testing for the cure ethical or unethical?
  • Who has access to the cure? (Hidden or Open)
  • What is the process of making a cure and is the process short, long, hard, easy?
  • What are the Raw materials needed for the cure?
  • Name of the cure?
  • Does the Cure Cost anything?
  • How is the cure administered to the patient? (Oral, Injection, Topical, Inhalation)
  • What side effects are associated with the cure?

Write about the history of a settlement that was almost entirely wiped out and was then rebuilt.

  • Who lives in this settlement?
  • What are some important events in the history of the settlement? (Beginning, growth)
  • How did the population change from before the disaster, during the disaster and after the rebuild?
  • Causes of the Disaster? (Magical, Natural, Ecenomic, Disease)
  • Who rebuilt the Settlement and how?
  • What resources were used for the rebuilding?
  • Why was the settlement deemed necessary to rebuild? (Strategic position, ancient home?)
  • Did the rebuild involve anything to combat the destruction from before so it doesn't happen again? (Earthquake so they made more stable buildings?)

Write about a species in your world that is bred or farmed for a high-value resource.

  • What is the species name?
  • Does the species have any diseases that effect it?
  • Any genetic work? (breeding out weak traits)
  • What predators does this species have?
  • What dangers does the farmed species possess to the farmer?
  • How widely spread through the world is this species?
  • When and how was the species domesticated?
  • How does this farmed species affect the economy? (Bad year or a good Year?)
  • What environment is needed to farm the species?
  • What is the particular highly prized resource and how is it harvested from the species?
  • What is the breeding like for the species in captivity?
  • What makes the resource so valuable?
  • What is the resource used for in the world?

Write about an unassuming character who secretly controls things from behind the scenes.

  • Unassuming = not pretentious or arrogant; modest.
  • What is the character's name?
  • What kind of power do they have? (Knowledge, Force)
  • Who works for this character?
  • What is making them secretive? (Not wanting to be found, Trust Issues)
  • What are they controlling in the world? (Fishing, Trade, Politics)
  • Are they feared?
  • Who all knows about this character in the world and do they have a nickname?
  • What are some of the accomplishments of the character?
  • Resources available to the character?
  • Motives?
  • Hidden Agenda?

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