Voghar & Tuka

Voghar Snowcloack   Voghar is the Youngest Son to Bilka and Titus Snowcloak   His Twin Sister is Dunora   His Older Brother is Voghar   Nicknames: The Ice Fist   How did the Nickname come about?   In the Frozen Realm of Worheim Frost Bite is not an uncommon issue as many travelers who have ventured through the land have felt the cold bite of winter. It has been fabled over many generations that in the ancient bloodline of the old frost dwarves lies the ability to forgo the consequences of the frost and its nasty bite. Many of the current stories speak of ancient Dwarves who were blessed by Irial themselves with the blood of the Magnate allowing them to withstand the cold and allowing it to take over their body without suffering its ill effects. With no recent occurrence, these fabled stories were just that now and many believe it to just be a tale.   Voghar Changed all of that.   On a journey into the northern wilds with a fellow Dwarve Oryx Bullheart. The two young dwarves had chosen the northern reaches for due hunting parties for many years always looking for the greatest trophy animal they could find.   On their most recent journey the two encountered a Frost Elk with a head of antlers larger than most trees; a truly worthy kill.   As the two were preparing for the hunt and kill another animal was also on the prowl.   Many stories exist from the northern reaches from the hunting parties, fisherman and farmers who dwell on the northern rim of the dwarven territory. None of the stories are as terrifying as when someone sees or hears of the Akin.   The Akin are a mythical creature who is so elusive that most only ever glimpse the eyes of the beats, the mouth or the shadow.   As the two were prepping their bows for a quick kill a massive Akin leaped out from the frozen ocean landing on the hard ice and tearing down the large elk, blood and the moans of the dying elk filled the air leaving Voghar and Oryx baffled and shocked.   The beast pulled the carcass of the dead animal into the ocean and right as the beast hit the edge of the Ice the bright purple eyes fixated on the duo of Dwarves hiding in the snow watching the Akin drag off their trophy hunt. Voghar felt something he had never felt before as if the beast was looking into his soul and the purple eyes filled Voghar Mind. Then as quickly as the beast had arrived it vanished into the sea followed by a trail of blood and pieces of the dead animals antlers.   As the duo returns home they find themselves walking near the edge of the iceline, as they are walking and watching the colorful display of lights above them as the night is cold and dark they begin to see something moving in the water. Could the beast have returned already?   with a flash the young dwarve Oryx Onyxborn is down, pinned under a massive beast with frozen water dripping off its snow-white fur. The beast lets out a terrible roar as it looks at Voghar. With its massive front arms the beast swipes a large paw over Oryx shoving him out of the way and leaving him with some thick cuts over his chest. Voghar throws off his large pack and pulls out his shield and sword preparing for the beast to lunge at him. As the two being to circle around each other both staring into each others eyes, uneasy and unwilling to make the first move the Large beast reaches out with a large front paw trying to knock over the Dwarf who was ready for the slash slamming his cold metal shield into the knuckles of the beast.   Two two continued to circle around each other as the beast continued to poke and prod the young dwarf squaring him up for his next attack. The beast lunged at voghar only to find a shield waiting for him slamming the side of his face and just then Voghar thought he might have had a chance against the Akin. Just then a large tail from the beast crashed into the back of Voghars head leaving him face down in the snow. His shield laying next to him and his sword stabbed into the ice near 10 feet from him Voghar was left completely defenseless. as the young dwarf stood upon his knees again regaining his footing the beast had already turned around and was prepping for another attack on the dwarf. as he lunged Voghar did the only thing that felt natural to him at that moment in time he cocked his fist back and tried to defend himself with his fist and as he did he felt a cold rush through him unlike anything before. His entire hand had frozen over in a blue frost and he felt a rush of strength as he plunged his fist forward to meet with the nose of the beast. As his fist crashed into the front of the beast it sent both of them tumbling back into the snow.   Voghar Woke with the massive beast he had previously been fighting with licking him in the face as a dog would wake their master in the morning. Voghar sat up looking at his hand he noticed that his fingers were now Blue as ice. They did not hurt and he could tell they were cold but it didnt seem to effect his ability to use his hand, if anything his hands had never felt stronger.   as he reached his hands to pet the beast so patiently waiting for him to wake he was reminded of hsi dear friend Oryx who had been mauled by the beast.   As Voghar rose to his feet he could see his friend propped up against a rock holding his stomach covered in the red blood from the wounds.   Voghar took his frozen hand and placed them upon the wounds of oryx essentially freezing them shut with the frost. He threw his friend upon the beast back and rode for Wolvshire the Home of Oryx and the closest dwarven capital city.   oryx healed from his wound and spoke of the night fondly and often showing the massive scars from the attack and explaining to everyone how voghar had fought the beast even punching it in the face with his frozen fists to subdue and ultimately tame the wild beast as his own.   Voghar is the First Dwarve in hundreds of years to possess the trait and the story is told throughout the kingdoms for years to come. He is also the first Dwarven Descendent to ever live through a fight with an Akin and the Only to ever bond with one as he did.   The Akin that Voghar tamed would later be named Tukka.   Upon returning to Culvingarrd his home kingdom he was declared a hero of the people and a symbol of strength. Previously before not expected to take the throne as the older brother Trygg was also seen as a strong and intelligent leader. After returning to Culvingarrd with the fabled frozen fists and the legendary creature he was pushed forward into ruling as his parents had recently deceased and Trygg had been gone on another adventure for some time.     Physical Appearance:   Hair: Bald Beard: Full Beard and Mustache with a few braids and two black rings around his mustache braids. Height: Weight:     Profession: Voghar is a hunter for the kingdom known to hunt and kill many beasts to feed the kingdoms. He is also a warrior and one of the greatest the Dwarven Race has ever seen, proficient in nearly every weapon in the armory he is a formidable foe.   Weapon of Choice: Voghar has a mace with the head of the wolf as the hammer head. He is also known to carry a shield with his house crest on the front the white raven and snwoflake and of the Snowcloaks.
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