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The Oghar

A Peasants Coin

Written by WDMichael

Why would you put your face on the peasants' money when you could be the face of the titanium rings sire?
— Alquin Geir, Advisor to the King
Peasants run this world, and how many of them have ever seen titanium rings let alone own one Alquin?
— Voghar Snowcloak

Design of the coin:



  • The front of the Oghar was famous for having the bust of Voghar, even many years past his death. As the coins grew old and, new rulers began to forget the memory of Voghar, they decided it was their time to stamp themselves into history.


  • The back of the coin has been everchanging as the symbols and objects deemed special during the minting process have changed. Coins have been known to show gemstones, elemental symbols, and portraits of the Elemental Magnates.

Other Note Worthy Modifications:

  • Each coin is struck with a small hole near the top of Voghars Bust. The hole was a way to help keep coins organized and from being lost. Many of the civilians would put their Oghars on a small metal loop or piece of twine.



The Oghars value in everyday purchases:

  • One Loaf of Rye or Wheat Bread
  • A Lump of cheese generally weighing near a pound
  • A medium fish from the markets
  • A Pint of Ale



Who founded the currency?

  • Voghar Snowcloak The Ice Fist, First Conquerer Of Magmoia

Year when the coin was first struck:

  • Year: 2035 ATA(After The Arrival)

Where are the coins manufactured and by whom?

  • The coins are struck at the mint located in the Kingdom of Wolvshire due north of Culvingarrd, the home of Voghar. A close family friend runs the Mint by the name of Bulzad Onyxborn.

Designer of the original die used to create the coin:

  • Alquin Geir "The Brains" Advisor to the King.

Why did Voghar create the new currency?

  During the conquest that would ultimately yield Voghar the High Throne of Magmoia, the future king conducted a great many projects to ensure his throne. The foremost of those projects was the redistribution of coinage through the lower class citizens. Voghar was smart and realized that the rich would not care who sat upon the throne as long as they retained their wealth. Many of the coins struck for the wealthy were of gold, silver, and other precious metals, and their value wasn't as easly susceptible to depreciation; Gold, Silver, and Titanium Mines are regulated harshly as to not fluctuate the price of the precious metals. Instead, Voghar turned his attention to the coins of the working people, passed around each day for loaves of bread and daily wages. Whenever a kingdom or city fell to Voghar he rounded up a great many coins from the kingdom and in return, he would redistribute a new coin that had been fashioned with his likeness. During the redistribution, Voghar would instruct for twice as many coins to be struck by cutting the weight of the coins in half. This practice allowed him to redistribute the wealth in the lower class by giving the lower class more coins than they had previously forfeited for the reminting process. Voghar knew that wars and kingdoms would not be cheap and this process allowed him to store away many of the extra coins he had minted for future expenses, leading into the creation of the first banks in Magmoia.



How has the currency changed the way the business or everyday affairs occur?

  • The universalizing of the currency used by the common folk around the entirety of Magmoia made business and trade less stressful on everyone. No more arguing about the value of one countries coins compared to the other.

Have the lives of the consumer become easier?

  • The world of Magmoia is bound by trade through the seas, and with different currencies, much of the trade was stagnant or irritating. with the introduction of a common currency through the realms, the headache of bartering prices with different currencies was lifted allowing trade to thrive and even expand once more.



How do people treat the currency?

  • A vast majority of the Kingdom have accepted the use of the Oghar, In part due to them receiving a substantial amount of Oghars whenever a new version would be minted.

Famous expressions that flaunt the currency or shame it?

An Oghar saved is a kingdom made.
— Voghar Snowcloak
  Work hard, and you will see our king every day, be lazy and drunk, and the king will never grace you with his presence.    

Have people created unique terms to describe the money?

  • "Copper Head"




  • 3.12 Grams


  • 23.15 mm


  • 1.67mm

Metal the coins are comprised of:

  • Copper


  • Very Common, as the copper coins are used by every realm and kingdom in Magmoia.

The Oghar Sign for Writing:

Oghar Symbol.jpg
by Michael Pope
Oi, I have four Copper Heads for that shark steak.
— Any peasant on any given day at the Port Kingsford fish market

Cover image: The Oghar by Michael Pope


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