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Frez "Stub Fingers" The Goblin Ice Collector [Inktober Prompt #11 Snow]


  Many of the Goblin cities and homes lie in the realm of Lahar, where the weather is warm or hot, never cold. With that, many of the inhabitants enjoy a break from the heat, and that is where Frez comes into the picture.   Early on Frez realized that many of the people living around him were miserable from the heat during the summer months and had no reprieve from its burn.   In his adult years, Frez began making expeditions to the realm of Worheim, where the frost dwarves ruled. In the Southern tip of the Blackfoot mountains, Frez began collecting larges chunks of ice in a wagon and would transport them covered in a thick layer of snow back to Lahar. His expeditions soon began to bring him money and fame as even the Slag Elf Kings, and Queens required his ice deliveries.   After his many adventures to the Icy mountains, he has come across his fare share of difficulties and dangers. Most of his fingertips have been burned off with frostbite as a result of his expeditions.

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