Fel-Frost Island


An island off the coast of Worheim that has been left mostly uninhabitated for as long as anyone can remember. Brave few venture to this island as many believe it to be cursed by an evil frost that never melts, creatures of nightmares and many other countless tales of horrifying and deadly obstacles.  

Prominent Features:


The Bleak Wood Forest

The frozen forest that fills most of the eastern portion of the island. Reaches north to the canyon and south to the tundra.  

Shattered Peaks

A large mountain range that blocks a large majority of the western border of the island from the rest of Worheim.  

Frostbite Plains

A tundra that covers most of the southern portion of the island.  

Razor Cliffs

Frozen Canyon on the north of the island.  

Impartance in the World Of Magmoia:

  Trygg and Elina were able to find an ancient Crystal Shard buried deep in the center of the Bleak Woods by the ancient guardians of the Elements. Trygg ventured here to slay an ancient white bear that had been causing trouble with locals on the banks of Worheim. The bear had been swimming across the channel eating livestock and even killing a young man. Trygg ventured to the island to put an end to the beast and in the process found the center of the frozen forest and the treasures that laid within.

Cover image: Fel Frost Island Map by Michael Pope


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