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Tryggvaz Snowcloak & Elina

Prince of Culvingarrd Tryggvaz Snowcloak (a.k.a. "The Gleaming")

Prince Tryggvaz Snowcloak "The Gleaming"

  (Prefers Trygg)


  The firstborn child "Gleaming" Tryggvaz Snowcloak or as he prefers "Trygg" is a Dwarf from the frozen capitol of Culvingarrd who enjoys being alone, the company of his badger and the wilderness over the busy life of his home kingdom of Culvingarrd. He is the firstborn prince to Bilka    

Personal Information:

Trygvaz Snowcloak
The Gleaming
Nickname Reason:
He is an adventurer and explorer who is fascinated with the elemental gemstones that riddle the land of Magmoia. He is known to wear and collect the Gemstones he finds on his journeys. His younger sister Dunora gave the name to him one morning when Trygg walked into the Great Hall and the light from his gemstones blinded her prompting Dunora to call him the Gleaming Snowcloak.
Prince of Culvingarrd (First Born son to the King and Queen of Culvingarrd)  


  Family Name: SnowCloaks Family is called Snowcloak from an old tale about one of the first kings of Culvingarrd. King Titus Snowcloak was known to wear a bright white cloak that would allow him to nearly disappear in the white snow of the region.  
Younger Brother:
Voghar Snowcloak "The Ice Fist"
Younger Sister:
Dunora "The Wild" Snowcloak
Bilka Snowcloak (Maiden Home: Onyxborn)
Jomar Snowcloak    

House Snowcloak Sigil:

Design: A six-pointed snowflake with a raven in the center. The six-pointed snowflake was bright silver, and the raven in the center circle of the snowflake is colored snow white.
The Raven: The Kingdom of Culvingarrd is home to a large population of White Crows. Large beasts, these native creatures have taken up residence in the Mountain Kingdom of Culvingarrd. The White Raven is a homage to the birds that so many in the kingdom adore.   The Snowflake: With 90% of the year being white and covered in Snow many in Culvingarrd are used to its sight.    

Personal Interests:

    "Gleaming" Tryggvaz SnowCloak has a love for the magical gems found around the land and goes out on adventures and expeditions in search of these gems. Always searching for special places that seem to have been made by the gods themselves.    

Physical Traits:

: 65 years old.
Frost Dwarf from the Icy Region of Worheim in the Northwest of Magmoia.
Facial Hair:
Long Beard with small braids and gemstones inlaid within.
A few Gemstone rings. No Necklace.
Boiled Leather and an adventurers bag, Cloak, and midnight blue clothes.  

Defining Physical Characteristics:

  Lost his right ring finger due to an accident when mining.  

Weapon of Choice:

Dark Black Wood with a large Spear Head attached to the top.      

Elina the Fracture Badger:

  Elina is a close companion and friend but she also serves a valuable purpose to Trygg. She is known as a Fracture Badger. Her strong almost metal-like claws and teeth allow Elina to burrow through the hard rocks of the land in search of food. Only a small percentage of Animals are known to be born as a "Fracture" animal as these creatures are blessed with longer life spans and a certain affinity with the magical gemstones littered across Magmoia. They have been known to be able to harness the power of the gemstones creating some of the most feared and sought after companions.    

The backstory of Elina and Trygg meeting:

  Trygg spent many of his younger years reading books and gaining knowledge on the world of Magmoia. His favorite subject was on the magical gemstones that some heroes would find and use in their triumphs or evil doings. Trygg was determined to find one when he got older. He had heard of certain animals that were known as "fracture" animals who were born with magical powers. Trygg spent many years searching the woods for such an animal until one day he stumbled upon an abandoned Badger Cub.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1969 ATA 65 Years old
Light Purple Hazed with Grey.
Shaved sides with White-Black braided hair that flows down his back.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5' 1"
237 lbs

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