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Doomlandia is basically a volcano surrounded by a lake of lava and a mountain ridge resembling a rock wall

The dangers of Doomlandia

Doomlandia is a very dangerous place, here is a list of the dangerous things.
  • lava geysres
  • eruptions
  • ever lasting storms
  • lava tides
  • the heat
  • powerful enemies


The most notable thing about doomlandia is the volcano itself as it is very large and constantly erupting lava but there are times when it violently erupts. The volcano is by a lake of lava which has a few rocky islands, it seems to never turn to rock. beyond the lake of lava is what seems like a wall made of rock. It is said that this wall was made to prevent the more deadly eruptions at bay. Just beyond the wall is the rainforest surrounding the volcano.

The Epic Ruins

The epic ruins were made by an ancient civilization that thrived in doomlandia but were wiped out by an extremely dangerous eruption. Their ruins are scattered throughout doomlandia and the temple of fire is built into the volcano.

Fauna & Flora

Doomlandia is the only place where molten rock fire peppers can grow to their spiciest. There aren't too many plants and animals in doomlandia, manly because of the heat but also because of the other dangers of doomlandia. There are a few plant and reptiles that are heat resistant. Rockins also live there.

Natural Resources

Serval gemstones and ores have been found in doomlandia, some that never been seen before. These gems were wanted by lots of people so several mines were made to collect then but they have become too unstable to continue mining
Alternative Name(s)
Mount. Doom, Land of the Fire temple, The Epic Ruins.
Things to do in Doomlandia
  • Try to survive the serval dangers
  • See the Epic Ruins
  • visit some of the old mines

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