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Lord Night's Outfit

Note: This is for a 5E D&D character I am currently playing. However, it can be applied for any character in medieval fantasy.   Lord Night is an alter ego of Anton Rhiannon, a tiefling rogue with a charlatan background. He uses the outfit as personal clothing as well as for the persona of Lord Night (a "fortune teller" with a deck of tarot cards located in a large yellow and brown belt pouch that sports a silver button bearing a Celtic knot design).   When in character, the observer notices that the outfit is an embroidered black cassock , with black buttons down the front, that extends to the tiefling's lower calves (and helps conceal his tail). Those close enough to examine the embroidery recognize various symbols used by mages and other workers in the supernatural for that world, each in a separate embroidered square. A pair of black leather cavalry boots, a felt top hat and a Cloak of Many Fashions complete the Lord night side of his attire. Unless he has to change the appearance to make a quick escape, Anton keeps the cloak with the appearance of black with red interior. The pouch with his cards is kept on his right hip under the cloak.   When not plying his "trade", Anton unbuttons the top three or four buttons, revealing a fancy white silk shirt. If he feels the need to, he unbuttons the entire cassock to be able to reach either of the two daggers he carries at all times. One dagger is obvious when the cassock is so: A slender blade whose crossguard is gold (as well as the pommel, which is designed as an eagle the hilt is white enamel. The scabbard is likewise gold and white enamel. It hangs off a black leather belt (holding up an equally ebon pair of breeches) by a durable cord made of black, red and gold thread, wound together.   Anton constructed his outfit by a combination of purchase and "acquiring" the clothing and items under the cassock.  At that point of his life, he was realizing that his success in conning people would work better if he was dressed better.  The cards were added after his experience with the gypsies of the world (name withheld due to potential copyright issues).  The cassock and hat were added after he had learned the tricks of fortune telling, with gold gathered from non-related cons and scams.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
24 May, 2021 07:56

Nice article. Does the cassock indicate that the wearer is a fortune teller? Or is it the symbols embroidered on it? What do other people think of that outfit?

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24 May, 2021 19:48

Nice article. I like how the outfit changed over time with the evolution of your character. I wonder what cons he has already performed. Do you perhaps have a special quote of your character about the outfit? That could be a fun addition :)

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31 May, 2021 18:06

I really like this article, but I would like to know a bit more as to why he has this alternate persona. Maybe a small snippet or a half box with a quote. It feels like it requires some explanation as well as add some quotes from the man himself! Overall, this is a fun read! Great work!

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