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Comfort Stones

Right now, comfort stones are one of the most popular worldwide magical items intended for relaxation and dealing with daily stress. Thanks to some transmutation magic, these palm-sized objects can turn their surface (and even simulate temperature) into a texture that will bring the most comfort to those who hold them. The comfort stones can mimic both organic and inorganic matter, so it is possible for them to even mimic the touch of someone's skin. As such, they are often bought during Valentine's season by couples who know they will stay away for a long time from each other.  


In their normal, inactive state, the comfort stones look like normal gray stones with a slight blue-ish tint. There's always a dark blue spiral groove carved on one of their surfaces. They come in various shapes, some round, some elongated, so anyone can find something that will fit their hand the best. They are even sold in various sizes so all the races, both small and giant can use them.   When activated, the parts of the stone that come into direct contact with someone's body will change their appearance to reflect the surface they are mimicking. There some ask for that function to be deactivated, as seeing the stone that partially turns into a part of a living being seems gruesome for them. In that case, the stone will still change its shape but it will look like its surface is carved out of it.  

Shapechanging versions

For a higher price, one can buy an alternative, upgraded version of a comfort stone. This version is enchanted with another transmutation spell that will change its shape. It can either change it to either better fit someone's hand or to better mimic the shape of the thing it mimics.

Other names:
Stones of comforting touch, fluff stones
Item type
A pretty common sight in larger cities. Once in a while, a few units get sent to more rural places.
Between 0,5 cm (for small races) and 20 cm (for bigger ones).
20$ for standard ones,
50$ for shape-changing ones

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14 Jan, 2021 13:32

Gorgeous art and design for this shop. Love the colours.