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My Mentor!

Written by Endrise

Look, I might like to eat out of the dumpster from time to time, but that doesn't mean I only eat trash. I just like trashy food.
— Garbage

And here we have Garbage. No, that isn't an insult, it's just what I have called him. He's my Familiar! Thanks to him, I'm able to use my powers as a Magical Girl and fight the Overworked. Though admittedly, I think he isn't at his best anymore...

Before meeting Me

Garbage wasn't always called Garbage. Back then, he apparently had some long ass name I kinda forgot about. But that doesn't matter. What does matter is that he was a total badass in his prime.

According to his own ramblings (and believe me, he likes to ramble a lot), he was mostly active in the regions of Japan, often fighting off with his own Magical Girls against manifestations that most would now describe as "Yokai". It's even said that he once had one girl be a ninja fighting against them in the shadows!

However, in recent years, that stuff kinda has become harder...Especially after well...ya know, stuff happened regarding some wars. After several disasterous conflicts struck the land, the sheer corruptive force just was too much for his Magical Girls. Sure, they were able to avoid total devastation, but many began quiting almost soon after, abandoning their duties or just... becoming Overworked as well.

Poor guy's decline just kept going as with the decline in magic across the world, finding new recruits became harder to find. Over time, he moved into the bigger cities trying to find somebody pure of heart to fight off evil, but sadly got sidetracked with the fast food thrown in the dumpsters there. It does kinda explain his current weight issues. Really should put him on a diet.

Alas, that's how we got here: with me finding him in the dump near my home, and offering me a chance to become a magical girl myself.

The Trash-Eating Mentor

As such, a few weeks ago I found him amongs tthe trash of the Osen River, just, collecting garbage! Poor guy looked a bit lost, so I decided to take him in. Ever since, he has become a bit of a mentor to my Magical Girl shenanigans.

Though, he seems to be a bit of a cheapskate. Sure, I may not be able to live a luxurious life with what mom can afford, but is it too farfetched to just go out eating once in a while? One time he was even willing to just go behind the back to find dumpster food than buy something from the grocery store. Unbelievable.

The other thing that he seems to need to focus on is some excercise. Although he is still a feisty little beast, flexibility isn't his style. Seeing as his...depressive state has led the guy to indulge himself a bit on garbage food, I need to put him on a diet. Fast. I don't know how Familiars work biologically, but his eating habits can't be good for his health.


  • Haikus
  • Tempura
  • Cozy sleeping places


  • Overpriced food
  • Overexplaining things
  • Losing Magical Girls

The story so far

Episode 1

Coming soon!


Nakahara Hiroko

Magical Girl (Important)

Towards Garbage





Familiar (Vital)

Towards Nakahara Hiroko





I found Garbage in the dump near my home, so I took him in. Ever since, he has been teaching me some tactics from his lifetime of handling Magical Girls.

Assigned Magica
Nakahara Hiroko
Gender Identity

Fun Facts about Garbage!

  1. He is around 422 years old!
  2. He has a major in economics!
  3. I think he might be overweight...

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13 Aug, 2020 20:58

This is so magical-girl-esque! Spot-on! Poor guy, though...

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