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Unofficial Challenge: A famous rebel

Inspired by the Warsaw Uprising anniversary I would like to challenge you to write about a famous, or infamous, rebel in your world. It can be someone who overthrew an evil empire, fought against oppression or anyone else. It can be someone who was successful or not, someone who fought for a lost cause or maybe there were real chances of success. I'm interested in seeing what made them a rebel. Was their country under occupation? Were they a member of an oppressed group? Did they just like fighting?

Think of the major powers and conflicts in your world. Who would benefit from opposing them? Who has the means to do so? Who wants to do so?


  • Articles should use the character template
  • Articles can be submitted by adding a comment to this article
  • Articles should be submitted before 2nd of October 2022 (anniversary of the end of the Warsaw Uprising)
  • Articles should be at least 300 words

  • Prizes

    There is no physical prizes for the challenge. I will try to read most (maybe I'll manage all) entries and give critique to them. I may choose a favourite one.


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    Master Watchman Deedly
    Watchman Deedly
    4 Aug, 2022 01:11

    Wizard Deedly will answer the call! Los vigilantes de Mateo Adán!

    Watchman Deedly
    "May truth be as a lamp at your feet, lighting your path."
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    8 Aug, 2022 21:28
    8 Aug, 2022 21:52

    Thank you!

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