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Union of Polish Mages

Union of Polish Mages (UPM) was an underground resistance movement which operated on the territory of Poland during the Second World War. The union was formed October 1939 by battle mages who refused to surrender to the Germans. From the beginning of its existence, Union of Polish Mages cooperated closely with the Service for Poland's Victory and its successors Union of Armed Struggle and Home Army. The Union took active part in the Warsaw Uprising in 1944.

Union of Polish Mages was officially disbanded in June 1945. Its leadership decided that even if they didn't like the communist government, it was their duty to help rebuild Poland. However, not all members of the Union thought like that. Many of them joined the so-called Cursed soldiers, the anti-communist underground movement.

Before God Almighty and Mary the Blessed Virgin, Queen of the Polish Crown, I pledge allegiance to my Fatherland, the Republic of Poland. I pledge to steadfastly guard Her honour, and to fight for Her liberation with all my strength, even to the extent of sacrificing my own life. I pledge unconditional obedience to the President of Poland, the Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Poland, and the Commander of the Union of Polish Mages. I pledge to resolutely keep secret whatever may happen to me. So help me God!
— UPM's oath
I accept you into the ranks of the Union of Polish Mages, fighting for the liberation of Poland in secret. Your duty will be to fight with weapon in hand. Victory will be your reward. Treason is punished by death.
— Answer to the oath

God, Honour, Fatherland

1939 - 1945

Secret, Military
Alternative Names
Bandits (by Germans)
Parent Organization
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