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Tunguskan Research Vehicle

Tunguskan Research Vehicles are the only way of safely going inside the Tunguska Magic Wasteland. Without their protection the clouds of magical energy at the explosion site would burn the person's skin and suffocate them.

Protection and life support

Vehicles are covered with a material resistant to high tempertature that was additionally covered with protective enchantments. To avoid the clouds getting inside the vehicles are hermetically sealed after boarding can be only opened from the outside with a special key. Oxygen tanks can provide air for 5 people for the period of about 2 days. Additionally, it has an air recycling machine which extends the period of breathable air to 2 full days.

Remember, the vehicles can't be opened from the inside and windows can't be broken. Any attempt to break the hermetic seal of the vehicle will cause an alarm. Repeated attempts will result in autopilot taking the vehicle back to the research centre.
— Employee of the Tunguska Research Centre

Mobile Research Lab

Tunguskan Research Vehicle is a mobile research lab. It equipped with everything a researcher might need. It has equipment to take samples without leaving the vehicle. It has containment areas to store and analyze the samples. It also has state-of-the-art computer system to perform analyses. It is a researcher's dream.

I don't know what was more exciting, seeing pure magical energy for the first time in my life or being inside one of their research vehicles
— A researcher
Owning Organization
Current location
Rare. Used only by the Tunguska Research Centre
5 meters
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity

Rules of using research vehicles

  • Do not attempt to open vehicle while inside the explosion site
  • Each researcher can use a vehicle only once a week
  • Researchers will be held accountable for any damages to vehicles and their equipment while on the site. Be careful, please!

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