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Test of Magical Ability

If at least one of the parents is a magic-user a special ritual or test takes place after the birth of a child. Its goal is to determine if the child has magical abilities. In most cases it has, but there can be some atypical occurences of not inheriting magic, especially if only one parent is a magic-user. The test checks if the child has the innate abilities of such schools as Tulpamancy or Divine Magic.


The test is done by a certified magic-user. The child is put on a table and the magic-user, known as the celebrant, lays their hands on the child's belly. In that moment the magic-user scans the child and checks the level of magical energy in the child's body. If the baby has enough energy to be a magic-user, the celebrant puts their hand on the child's head. This way they are checking if there is a tulpa present in the child's brain.

There really isn't any way to tell if a child has divine magic, but it can be speculated based on how much magical energy the celebrant detects.


The test is a small familiy ceremony. Parents take the child to a certified magic-user. The extended family and friends are not invited and there is no special meal.

No, mom, you can't come to Adam's test. They want only the parents present
— A woman talking to her mother


The test usually takes place 2-5 days after the birth. In most cases parents do the test right after leaving the hospital. In recent years some hospitals started to offer the test.

In case of the premature babies the period between the birth and test is longer. There are no contraindications for doing the test right after birth in case of premature babies, but it has never been done. Parents have always waited until the child was ready to take out of the hospital.

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