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Sabina Skiba

Sabina Skiba (she/her)

Sabina Skiba is a Polish-born Vampire and a leader of a group that only feeds on human blood. Though feeding on Humans is not illegal, the Blood Council of Europe sees Sabina as a criminal. It is because of the way she feeds. She uses her vampiric pheromones to lure people to her and then feeds. The council sees it as a non-consensual feeding, something that many Vampires frown upon.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sabina was born in Warsaw in 1944, just as the Warsaw Uprising was beginning. Her parents tried to leave the city with her, but the German forces made it impossible. As the result, they were hiding in sewers and basements until the end of the uprising. At the end of the uprising Sabina's father was captured by the Germans and never returned. Most probably he was transported to the camp in Pruszków and killed when Germans discovered he was a Vampire.

After the war, Sabina and her mother returned to Warsaw and started a new life. The early days were tough as the vast majority of the city was in ruins, but with the help from the Blood Council they managed to survive. Sabina's mother never found a new partner. As far as Sabina remembers it has always been just her and her mother.

Sabina's obsession with consuming human blood started somewhere around her teenage years. At first it seemed like just a phase. Many young Vampires do that. However, as the years went by it was becoming more and more intense. Around the age of 18, animal blood barely satisified Sabina's thirst. A doctor said that it may be a result of her mother's malnutrition during pregnancy, something common during the war. As the result, Sabina's body has difficulty absorbing the necessary ingredients from non-human blood.

Human Blood Group

During her university years, Sabina and few of her vampire friends formed a group called "Human Blood Group" that was focused on promoting the idea that human blood is superior and all Vampires should consume it exclusively. Thanks to her charisma, Sabina became the leader of the group.


Sabina appears to be bisexual or maybe even pansexual. When she uses the pheromones to attract people for feeding, it doesn't matter what sex or gender they are of. During the pre-feeding play it also doesn't matter to her. A man, a woman or a non-binary person can give her the same level of pleasure.


Family Ties

Sabina last spoke to her mother in 1990. Her mother was trying to convince Sabina to undergo a therapy which would help with the blood consumption problem. Sabina protested. She said that she was born that way and there is nothing change.

Sabina never found a romantic partner as all of her intimate relations are just a ruse to lure a human and feed on them.

Social Aptitude

Sabina is a social and confident person who like to have fun. Ever since she has been affected the vampiric pheromones she has been using them to attract people. The main purpose is feeding, but she also likes to have some fun with them.

Sabina is also a very charismatic person and many people tend to see her a dominating figure or a leader.

Picture by KajetanWrites with MidJourney
Year of Birth
1944 CE 75 Years old
Warsaw, Poland
Current Residence
Warsaw, Poland
Medium, blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

Character Portrait image: Sabina Skiba by KajetanWrites with MidJourney


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13 Dec, 2022 17:10

That is an interesting character concept. Is she intended to be a villain? Character traits such as charisma and hubris go hand in hand when they see others only as a means to an end or for their own worldly pleasure.

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I don't know. I don't think this world has clear heroes and villains

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