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Julian Faas

Councilor Julian Faas (he/him)

Julian Faas is a Dutch-born Vampire and one of the current members of the Blood Council of Europe. Before being elected to the Blood Council, Julian was the chairman of the Nederlandse Vampierenraad for many years. Thanks to him, the Dutch parliament passed the Vampire Protection Act which outlawed the practice of vampire hunting in the Netherlands. It is one of the first such pieces of legislation in the world.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Julian was born in the city of Rotterdam in 1936. Together with his parents and sister, he survived World War 2 by hiding in the countryside. After the war, the whole family came back to Rotterdam. His parents live there to this day. After graduating high school, Julian moved to Amsterdam to study law at the university. There he first came in contact with the members of the Nederlandse Vampierenraad. At first he only observed what the council was doing, but he quickly wanted to do more. Julian started by working as an assistant to one of the members of the council. After a few years he decided to try and run for a seat there. He wasn't lucky at his first or second try, but managed to win the third time.

In 1990, Julian was chosen to be the next chairman of the Dutch Vampire Council. Throughout the 90s, he continued to prove what a good leader he was. He influenced the parliament to enact the Vampire Protection Act. He improved the network of places where Vampires were able to get blood. He even created special places where Humans were able to donate their blood for Vampires. All of this actions lead to his landslide victory in the recent Blood Council election.

Accomplishments & Achievements

I feel that the Vampire Protection Act is my biggest achievement so far. Netherlands are now a place where every Vampire can feel safe and doesn't need to look out for hunters
— Julian Faas


Family Ties

Julian's wife is human. Their marriage caused a lot of anger in vampire communities all across Europe as mixed relationships were always frowned upon as dangerous and unnatural. The appearance of the vampiric pheromones in the 90s gave new fuel to that anger. Many Vampires were saying that his wife isn't thinking clearly because of the pheromones. The fact that she fell in love with Julian before the pheromones appeared didn't matter to them. People calmed down only when Julian made a public appearance and showed the world that he wears a pheromone blocking amulet at all times.

Social Aptitude

Julian is the best friend anyone could ask for. He is always there when you need him. He is always willing to meet.
— Julian's friend

Julian is a born leader and a charismatic speaker. The way he addressed the Dutch parliament during the Vampire Act vote was the proof of it
— Member of the Nederlandse Vampierenraad
Year of Birth
1936 CE 83 Years old
Short, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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