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German Pyromancers

German pyromancers are probably one of the most famous battle mages in Europe or even in the whole world. In their current form, they trace their roots to the time of Germany's unification and Prussian pyromancers. They became famous during World War 1 for devastating magical attacks on the allied trenches.


Pyromancers always wore the same uniforms as the rest of the German Armed Forces. They were distinguished only by a symbol of flame they wore on it. The form of the symbol changed throughout time. In Prussia and in the early days of the German Empire they had a silver pin with a golden flame on it. In the time of the World Wars and Interwar period they wore a textile armband with the symbol. It survived for some years after World War 2. Today, they have the symbol on a patch attached to the uniform with a hook-and-loop fastener.


Though pyromancers have sidearms in a form of a pistol, they rarely use them. Most of the time they depend on their magic and they are very good at it. It is said that a single well-trained pyromancer is able to burn a heavy tank by themselves.

When fighting, pyromancers are usually separated from each other by about 3-5 meters. It is the shortest safe distance for them not to be burnt by their colleagues.

Alternative Name
Die Pyromanten
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


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