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Cafeteria of WAMA

Cafeteria of the Warsaw Academy for Magical Arts is one of the main social hubs of the university. Students and lecturers from every faculty and department come here to drink, eat and socialize. The cafeteria can found on the ground floor of the Palace of Science and Culture, the main building of WAMA.

Good morning! It's good to see our loyal clients! What can I give you today? Coffee? Soup?
— Cafeteria manager


  • No alcohol on the premises
  • No eating your own food. Drinking your own drinks is acceptable
  • Please remember about good manners
  • No smoking
  • No drugs
  • Breaking any of this rules can lead to the cafeteria stuff asking a client to leave. In case a client is refusing to leave they can call the university security and such person would be escort out of the cafteria premises. Repeated violations of the cafeteria rules may result in that person being banned from entering the cafeteria. Luckily, such situations happen very rarely. Generally, the cafeteria clients are well-behaved.


  • Coffee 2.50 PLN
  • Tea (black or green) 2.50 PLN
  • Coke 3.00 PLN
  • Juice (apple, orange or tomato) 3.00 PLN
  • Water (still or sparkling) 1.50 PLN
  • Sandwiches 5.00 PLN
  • Soup (changes each day) 10.00 PLN
  • Goulash 15.00 PLN
  • Falafel (vegetarian) 12.00 PLN
  • Alternative Names
    Cafeteria, Canteen, Bar, Bistro
    Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
    Parent Location
    Owning Organization


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