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Angels are winged humanoid beings residing in Heaven and serving as God's soldiers, messengers and servants.

Types of Angels


Archangels are the higher tier of angels. They are divided into two groups, the Seraphim and the Regular Archangels.


Seraphim are the higher tier of archangels. To this group belong only the Princes of Heaven who make up God's inner circle. Those are such archangels as Michael, Gabriel or Raphael.

Regular Archangels

Regular Archangels are the lower tier of archangels. They are the officers of the Heavenly Host.


This group is the majority of the Heavenly Host. They serve as soldiers and messengers.

Other Groups

The Watchers

The Watchers were the first Guardians of Humanity. They were given their duty shortly after humans evolved and were sent to Earth. They had fortresses protected with divine magic and hidden from humans. However, after many years of observing Humanity and ensuring that it was on a right path the Watchers got bored. A Watcher known as Yeqon tempted others to leave the fortresses and indulge in the pleasures of the Earth. It resulted in Watchers having sexual relations with human women and the giants known as Nephilim were born. That enraged God and he ordered Archangel Michael to capture the Watchers. The Nephilim were a more serious problem. It is said that the Great Flood took place to rid the earth of them.

Fallen Angels

Fallen angels are angels who were banished from Heaven. Most of them belong to the group of Lucifer's rebels and followed him to Hell. There they became the inner circle of the Lord of Hell.

Average Height
About 2 meters
Geographic Distribution


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