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Return to the World

Return to the World is the name of a resurrection spell from the so-called Greek Magical Papyri. The exact origin of the spell is unknown. Though the spell is related to the dead it doesn't belong to necromancy, but to blood magic like all other resurrection spells. The reason for that is because it involves blood sacrifice and necromancy never uses blood.  


Before performing Return to the World, Nekyia must be performed in order to know the exact location of the spirit in the Afterlife. When the location is known a personal item of the deceased has to be placed in a bowl and sprinkle it with the blood of the relative. Then some wood is placed in the bowl and lid on fire. While it is burning all magic-users participating in the spell recite the incantation.


Thing of value, blood of kin, bring to us the dead within.
The incantation must be repeat as long as the fire in the bowl is burning and the deceased appears. However, no one knows if this spell actually works, because few people have ever attempted it and succeeded.


In an ideal situation the spell should return a dead person to life in body and mind. The resurrected should be in a state they were in the moment of death. If the death was from wounds or disease those things wouldn't be present after resurrection.

Side/Secondary Effects

If the spell is done improperly the deceased won't be brought back in a good state. Unfortunately, these effects are most common when people are attempting this spell. When trying to resurrect someone the caster must be very precise when it comes to the choice of the important object, the relative who will sacrifice the blood and the caster must have a very clear intent and focus on it. In most cases at least one of these things isn't ideal.
Most common side/unwanted effects included resurrecting with fatal illness or injury, resurrecting a mindless beast and summoning a spirit without a body.

Material Components
  • Blood of a relative of the deceased
  • A personal item of the deceased
  • A bowl and wood to light a fire
  • Related School
    Blood Magic
    The amount of magical energy needed exceeds the strength of a single person. At least two people are needed
    Applied Restriction
    Illegal under the blood magic ban of 1970

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