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Mage Ball

Mage Ball is a game played by students of magical univeristies. It has very simple rules. Players throw an elemental ball. If someone doesn't catch, they recieve a minus point. When a player gets 10 minus points he exits the game. The last player to remain is victorious.
There are subtle difference in the rules depending on the element from which the ball is made.


It is unknown when Mage Ball was invented. Most people say that it existed as long as people are using magic. As it isn't an organized sport there are no official records which could present the history.

European Championships of 1970

European Championships of 1970 were the only attempt to make Mage Ball an organized sport. Despite the enthusiasm of players and organizers it failed. People believed that making a Mage Ball into an organized competitive sport would take the fun out of it. The competitive part never was the most important thing about Mage Ball. The most important was having fun.

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Cover image: Magic Earth Global Cover by Almos Bechtold


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13 Oct, 2020 20:11

Okay, so for some feedback, lets drop a few bullet points:

  • Why are it minus points instead of just regular points?
  • Is there also an air ball variant?
  • Are there any competitive games played between universities? National events?
  • Does the sport have any additional rules you can write about?
  • Who invented it? How long has it been around?
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    Master Kajetan
    Kajetan Krakowiak-Świątnicki
    13 Oct, 2020 21:40

    Thank you for the feedback. I don't think Mage Ball could be played as an organized competitive sport. It's more like a game to spend free time with friends. There can't be an air ball variant because the ball wouldn't be visible

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